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How to Save Water In Daily Life

With the heat wave that swept over France in recent days, hydration is very important and it even becomes paramount, especially when you play sports. Dehydration actually causes a water deficit of about 1%, causing cardiovascular and digestive disorders.

A rider typically loses between 0.5 and 1L of water per hour at medium pace, then this amounts to more than 1.5 to 2.5L of water to high speed. You hydrate is therefore a priority to avoid reducing your movement speed and cause muscle and tendon pain.

If it is advisable to drink regularly 10 to 15cl every half hour during exercise, the choice of material is also important: How to choose? What is the difference between a HYDROBAG or a belt? What is the most effective for me? These are questions that we will try to answer:

To Stay Hydrated, 3 Solutions

To stay hydrated during the practice of a sport such as running or trail, three options are available to you:

-The gourd

-The belt

– L’hydrobag

The Water Bottle

The water bottle is designed for the wrist and hand. Sometimes equipped with a strip of fabric / stretch, it allows you to carry by hand without difficulty and you can use it whenever you want. Some cool water bottle brands like Waterbottlesshop go even further by offering ultra light gloves that allow you to wipe the sweat and wear a bottle of 250ML to 500ML.

The Belt

The bottle cage belt is usually created from thin and light materials. Some prefer this choice to distribute the weight of the bottle or on the hips and thus avoid cluttering your hands. You’ll be less bothered by shaking your stride. Some belts are equipped with two cans, an advantage since you can take such as two liquids: water and an energy drink.Bonus: zippered pockets are sometimes included, handy for storing your energy bars, gels or car keys.


The HYDROBAG is a lightweight backpack, which can be worn close to the body and contains a water bladder, usually 1 or 2L. Designed with small pockets, you will also take food and spare business if necessary. Some hydrobags vests are designed as is the case with Solomon. The brand has indeed developed very fine hydrobags at the request of the athlete Kilian Jornet who wanted a HYDROBAG that is worn close to the body, such as a T-shirt. The advantage: the HYDROBAG is useful for shopping or trails for long distances, because of its large capacity. Think however to rinse your water bladder before using for the first time and after each use.

What is the best choice for me?

For long distances, you are advised to go on a belt-cage or HYDROBAG because the volume of water is more important.

Then, you select your option according to your expectations:

-Do I prefer running hands free or not?

-Do I make long or short distances?

-Do I need to take other things? Some competitions require, for example, have a specific list of equipment, the best solution is to opt for a HYDROBAG with multiple pockets.

Small Tips for Proper Hydration:

-Drink regularly throughout your run,

-Do not wait until thirsty to drink (this is already a sign that it is “too late” and that you are dehydrated)

-Think of energy drinks, which are rich in minerals and isotonic salts.

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