How to Repair Wallpaper

How to repair wallpaper: unplugged wallpaper, wallpaper that does not paste and repair damage like tears, scratches and stains on wallpaper.
If you have trouble posing wallpaper, please read our guide entitled Wallpaper as you put it . If you have problems with the wallpaper that does not paste , you probably are not using the right glue to the media type or you should prepare the media better. We note a good glue for wallpaper that have the advantage of being easy to use and durable in time, so you will not stumble in the problem of wallpaper rising from the wall (unplugged wallpaper).

  • Metylan Direct Control, wallpaper glue

The 200 grams package will suffice for the installation of 20 square meters of wallpaper.How do I prepare the glue for wallpaper?

Take the contents of half a pack (100 gr, which is enough for 10 square meters of medium / heavy weight wallpaper), dilute it in 2 liters of cold water.The glue is powder and needs to be added quickly, mix well, wait 15 minutes and mix, then you can proceed with wallpaper installation.

Bubbles under the wallpaper, wallpaper that rises from the wall

If bubbles are formed beneath the wallpaper, it means that at the time of laying you did not have the glue surface evenly. To overcome this problem you need to get a cutter. Make a cross cut exactly at the bubble, to be more precise use a ruler.Fold the paper flaps outward and apply the adhesive inside.

Press and hold the paper against the wall and reposition the flaps correctly.

If your wallpaper has drawings and you are not sure how to paste it again as it was in the beginning, rather than cross-cutting you can use an alternative technique.

Buy the glue for wallpaper and prepare it as explained in the premise;Take a syringe and fill it with liquid glue.Inject glue under the bubble of the wallpaper and with a cylindrical cocaine can, apply pressure: roll a weighted cylinder on the wallpaper close to the just injected glue!We cited the can of coca cola but you can use any cylindrical and heavy object.

How to Repair Ripped Paper

In case of tearing in upholstery or wallpaper, repair is simple.However, you need to have a spare wallpaper, the same fantasy used as a pose.

How to repair a tear in wallpaper?
Very simple!

  1. Cut a piece slightly larger than the tear and place it over it.Be careful to match the print designs used.
  2. Put the piece of new wallpaper on the tear and, with the cutter, cut simultaneously both the new piece of wallpaper and the underlying wallpaper.At this stage, make sure that you understand the entire damaged part of the wallpaper placed in the cutout.
  3. Take away the old ripped wallpaper.
  4. With the glue for wallpaper, fix the new cutout in a way that makes the edges coincide.
  5. Exercise pressure on your slatted wall to the full adhesion of wallpaper.

Stains on wallpaper

Many wallpapers are washable, so just take a soap filled with warm soap and soap in Marseille. In case of vinyl wallpaper, you can use soft bristle brushes and insist on the stain until it is removed.

In case of grease and grease stains or if you do not know if your wallpaper is washable, you can run dry.Tamponate, with a clean rag, of the triene near the stain.

Triethylene is a chemical compound used as a solvent, in the past it was widely employed in the commercial field but today it is forbidden to use it because it is a toxic and carcinogenic compound.This substance should not be inhaled and, before use, read carefully the warnings on the label.

Where to buy triethylene?
In DIY and DIY shops or by using the web shop. On Amazon, a triethylene bottle is purchased with 9.95 euros and free shipping.