How to Remove Wallpaper

How to remove wallpaper: how to remove wallpaper from the wall, from solvents to techniques to remove any traces of glue and various residues.
It is possible to remove an old wallpaper completely independently. The manner and the procedure to follow do not depend on the type of wallpaper used (vinyl, paper support, fabric …). Here’s how to go on removing wallpaper.

How to remove wallpaper:
what is needed

To remove the wallpaper you do not need special technical equipment, you will only need:

  • A metal spatula
  • A ladder
  • A bucket of boiling water
  • A rectangular flat and wide section brush (the classic ceiling lamp)
  • A roll of medium grain sandpaper

There is also a lack of solvents and liquids born to melt the wallpaper glue .In fact, the use of this solvent liquid is only rarely required;Most of the time, the wallpaper support is made of cellulose which gives off abundant water irrespective of the type of glue used.

If you have decided to remove the wallpaper because of defects or missing parts, you can remedy the problem with a DIY repair.In this context, please read the instructions in the article ” How to Repair Wallpaper”.

How to remove wallpaper:
how to proceed

First, move any complement of furniture adjacent to the wall to be treated.Provide enough room to be able to operate safely, space will be enough to ensure the movement of an operator and its scale.If there is heavy furniture, before moving them you may need to empty them.

To remove wallpaper:

  • Impregnate the water brush and begin to moisten the wallpaper starting from one of the four corners.
  • Blank the whole surface over copiously.
  • If the wallpaper is of a washable type, it will not just be a simple tear for removal , in this case you will need to use the metal spatula.
    A little advice, to facilitate this phase you can choose to use a steam cleaner and give water in the form of hot water vapor.In any case, for traditional wallpaper, just use very hot water.
  • With the spatula, move starting from the angle you chose earlier and pull until you lift the old wallpaper.
  • Remove any remaining residues by using the sandpaper.Use it with great delicacy.

At this stage, patience and firm hand are required, however, if wallpaper is not yielding, avoid forceing with the metal spatula otherwise you would risk damaging the underlying wall.

Any damage to the stucco shirt below can be corrected with stucco ready to use, to be pulled with the same metal clip.

Remember to be very generous with water and to use very hot water.The heat allows the water to penetrate more easily into the underlying layer and dissolve the glue.

Water, in fact, acts as a natural solvent by softening the glue and reducing the consistency of the entire coating.For this reason, do not break with water and have the patience to impregnate the entire surface using only boiling water.This is a very “heavy” task but not for the tiredness that will cause you but for the patience required.To make the task less burdensome and make the best use of water temperature, befriend a friend or family member.

To remove vinyl wallpaper
Boiling water should suffice, however, if you have a steam cleaner and you are handling a harder coating ( vinyl wallpaper), you can spray the steam on your wall-mounted appliance’s steam.

After removing the wallpaper, arrange to paint the underlying wall; To paint the wall, follow the instructions in the article to paint a wall.

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