How to Make Edible Water Bottles

Techniques of molecular cooking, this recipe tells us how to make these areas capable of containing liquid inside and also consumed without generating waste.


With a few ingredients and a couple of steps made “bottles” edible water. This idea, based on the molecular kitchen, offers a distinct alternative to plastic bottles used to sell water and other beverages; application involving a serious current problem because a very small percentage is recycled and its production consumes non – renewable resources like oil.

These fields remind me of the basic principle of ice cream cones: serve transport they are also edible and delicious. The membrane is formed and which ultimately encapsulates the water is eaten. It is assumed that molecular cuisine provides benefits in the consumption of its ingredients. Those used in this recipe are common in specification, technique many recipes for this unique cuisine that specializes in combining science with food.

How to make

  1. It gets one gram of sodium alginate in a cup of drinking water (which is to Spherize on this website) with a blender combine evenly. The mixture is allowed to stand for 15 minutes.
  2. In another bowl with 4 cups of water is added 5 grams of calcium lactate and integrated.
  3. It is where the magic happens !, the first tablespoons mixture is added to the second.Soon the areas in contact with calcium lactate, shake carefully for 3 minutes, time in which the membrane is formed are.
  4. Finally the reaction vessel by removing them and placing them in stabilizing water.

Not all end there, the spheres can be made with fruit juice and water can carry many flavors in these edible “bottles”.


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