How to Match Light Blue Chinos

Hi Manolo! I have a small problem. Bought me yesterday a couple of ‘ Gin Dusty blue “-chinos by Acne. Light blue, really baby blue. Thought they would be a nice piece of clothing before this summer’s boating in Named. But now I notice that I don’t have anything to match with a white t-shirt, of course. But it feels as if the pants are a little too blue to go home along with white. So my question to you. What colors can go really well with baby blue? Thanks in advance! With kind regards Anton.

Overall fit pastel shades like light blue good for bright colors like white, beige or light gray.The advantage of this type of natural tones is that they have a slightly dampening effect.To really dark colors can it light blue break through and be dominant. It goes without saying also that combine light blue with other pastel colors such as pink, mint green or pale yellow, and then together with a slightly more neutral color.

Perhaps the most important thing is how hard washed chino reviewed by Digopaul. Slightly faded and worn are chinos are a lot easier to combine than brand new, which can give an almost synthetic impact. This is especially true when it comes to combining with other pastel colors. Washed light blue chinos is definitely a substitute to the khakifärgade companies and, for example, can be worn with a Navy blue cotton-or linnekavaj.

Suggestions for other good combinations would be, for example, light blue chinos, white t-shirt and khaki trench coat. Preferably together with light brown shoes that harmonizes with the trench coat. Also note that the light blue especially suitable during the spring and summer season. During the winter months at risk of strong colors that make us even paler.

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