How to Make a Simple Wall Clock

Eveliina Laitinen, ITE-15

This wall clock is ideal for making approximately a quarter or fifth graders. The colors, shapes and details are easy to customize according to the student’s preferences. This example of a song is very simple, and it is easy to go to personalize.

This wall clock is suitable for 4th or 5th graders. It is easy to personalize it by changing its colour, shape and details. This example is a really simple one and it can be developed easily as 3D wall clock with tips from

The necessary materials and tools:

  • birch Plywood
  • Clockwork, hands and include screws and clips
  • Wood wax or paint
  • Pläkkipeltiä
  • Vannesaha
  • Craft Saw
  • Metalliviila
  • Drill with proper size bit
  • Kaarisakset
  • Hot Glue Gun

The materials and tools needed:

  • Birch plywood
  • Clockwork and the pointers
  • Wood wax or paint
  • Sheet metal
  • Band saw
  • Crafts saw
  • Metallic file
  • Drilling machine
  • Arc scissors
  • Hot glue machine


  • The student is capable of controlled design and manufacture of their level of relevant work
  • The student realizes the realistic possibilities and limitations of their own skills, and will learn the basic of safe methods of work
  • The student will become familiar with the use of machines and tools of the commonest example. Cordless drill and a variety of saws and manages them appropriately
  • The student is able to produce work drawings to scale


  • Materials analysis: the choice and combination of suitable uses of materials
  • Visioning, through visual design and technical design to finished product
  • Sketching, measuring, sawing, drilling, finishing abrasives, surface treatment
  • A systematic and independent work
  • Occupational Safety and Health Awareness and its implementation in practice

Objectives and contents are based on the Oulu Normaalikoulu curriculum of primary education in the technical work.


  • Student can design and build an item that suits his/her skill level
  • Student realizes the realistic opportunities and restrictions of his/her own
  • skills and works safely
  • Student gets to know the basic machines and tools and can use them
  • Student can draw a picture of the future work in scale


  • Analyzing different materials and choosing a material that meets the needs of
  • the work, combining different materials
  • Getting the work done by doodling and designing it first
  • Doodling, choosing the right size for the work, sawing, drilling, polishing,
  • painting
  • Organized and independent working
  • Acknowledgment of safety rules and putting them into practice

These goals and contents are based on the curriculum for technical work in Oulu

University Teacher Training School.

OPS 2016 and evaluation

Based on the evaluation for the year 2016 basic education curriculum focuses on three areas: learning, work and behavior. In carrying out this work with regard to the assessment of learning to pay attention to how the student is able to plan their work to meet their own skill level and carry out the work. As regards the work draws attention to how the student will be able to work carefully and responsibly. The student must be able to regulate and evaluate their own work and the finished work. The behavior can be assessed by monitoring how the student to take account of other group members while working on and follow the instructions. The behavior of the evaluation should not be subject to the personal characteristics of the student.

A wide-ranging learning objectives of this work is emphasized in particular the target L1, thinking, and learning to learn. The wall clock is the time to be creative and work is always able to assess from the planning stage, which is very much in learning to learn. Thoughts and questions must be able to share your teacher so than with classmates. It is important for the student to rely on their own abilities, but also constructive criticism must be able to receive. Problem solving is an important part in this, as all the while making crafts.

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