How to Make a Bikini

Make a beach-worthy bikini from a couple of old t-shirts and double up the layers to keep the bikini modest even when wet. You can do the bikini uniform top to bottom by choosing two shirts in the same color or make a bright fashion statement with the help of two different patterned shirts. Coordinate the two paragraphs by making the bikini top straps from the bikini-bottom t-shirt and bottom bands from bikini-top t-shirt.


Do the straps

  • Low t-shirts on your work surface and cut the bottom hems of shirts.Discard the hems.
  • Measure 1 inch from the bottom edge of one of the shirts and cut across the fabric, cutting through both layers as you go to make a loop of fabric.
  • Cut another identical Strip from the bottom of the t-shirt.
  • Cut along each side seam to divide the strips into four pieces.These are band of bikini bottoms.
  • Low other t-shirt on your work surface and cut two strips that are each 1 inch wide, just like in the previous step.Cut one of the strips along each seam to make two strips.Clip the remaining strip along a seam to make one long strip. This is the band of bikini top.

Bikini top

  • Lay the first shirt down and measures approx 9 inches up from the bottom.Cut through both layers.PIN front and back of the t-shirt straps to hold the pieces together.
  • Draw a triangle on the fabric. See the triangle about 10 inches wide and 8 inches high.Cut out the triangle through both layers of fabric. Place a triangle on the remaining portion of the strip of t-shirt and trace the triangle onto the fabric. Cut out the triangle through both layers. You should now have two sets of triangles.
  • Fold over the highest point of each set of triangles about 1 inch.Place a short bikini strap on top of each fold and PIN the straps in place.
  • Fold over 1/2 inch in the left and right side of each set of triangles and PIN the fabric in place. Sew the folded sides with a straight stitch, sew through the links at the top to go with them to the bikini.
  • Fold over 1 inch of fabric at the bottom of each triangle. Sew pleats in place near the rough fabric edges to make a channel at the bottom.Insert the long bikini top Strip through both channels to fill up. Try the bikini top by tying two short ties behind the neck and tie the long strap on the back.

Do Bikini bottom

  • Open the side seams of a pair of comfortable old bikini underwear with BIKINIWILL. Smooth out the bikini underwear on remaining t-shirt and trace around the shape. Cut out the shape bikini.
  • Fold over the four corners of the bikini bottom.
  • Place a bikini bottom strap over each of the four corners and PIN the straps in place.
  • Fold over 1/2 inch of fabric along the top and bottom of the bikini and sew the cover in place. Sew through the ends of the straps as you go to secure them to the bikini.
  • Test on bikini bottom and tie the strings on the hips.

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