How to Maintain Gore Tex Jacket

It is in coming out my Gore-Tex the other day for a mountain outing that I thought it deserved a little maintenance. But how?

A technology such as the Gore-Tex surely deserves a hyper-delicat treatment such as soft reserved for the old Wool Sweater knitted by my grandmother (rest his soul).

Well, it’s nothing! for washing your Gore-Tex is:

  • Washing machine (not of fabric softener and rinse thoroughly 2 times)
  • Dryer (gentle cycle)
  • Ironing (soft iron, it is advisable to use a cloth between the iron and the jacket

Washing, ironing, drying = heat to reactivate the treatment water repellent!

Gore-Tex, technology is a sandwich: a membrane (waterproof and breathable) caught between a domestic fabric and an outer fabric.

The total performance of a Gore-Tex depends not only on the membrane but good of the association of the layers, including the outer layer.

The outer layer should have a repellent treatment. This treatment allows the water to slip and fall down. Without this treatment, this layer could take water.

Then no! With 40 wash, dry laundry and ironing you no not your coat renting but instead you re-enable this treatment water repellent.

Another interview, treatment water repellent?

As General, the cleaning, drying and ironing reactive treatment water repellent but eventually it wears out anyway.

He is then advised to re-soak your jacket after several washings with a product waterproofing recommended by Gore-Tex laminates.

Now you know everything. A your washing machine!