How to Maintain a Wall Clock

Watches about 20 years corrected the (Tapiola Kelloseppäkoulu taken place, and I am now addressing the terms repair / restoration of the problematics etc.) I still do not know the answer to the question: “How much wall clock repair costs” unless I see and explore a little bit in question. wall clock. This question is the superficial nature of similar nature to repair a car without seeing the question: “How much car repair cost?”. Questioner gets so many answers as there are wall clocks, wall clocks cars repairers and car repairers. Now, however, I will try to clarify things a little bit.

Wall clocks are so technologically than the quality of a very different and the technical condition of the wall clock shop on arrival is very different – the spectrum is equal to “400 000 km driven in 1987 the Nissan Micra and 10 000 km driven in 2006 by Rolls Royce” (I do not intend to praise or despise any car brand, just as an example). Example Micralle will probably have to make more expensive than renovating Roll It, in order to bring them to the survey. Example Micra reshuffle is likely to pay more than ko. the monetary value of the car is the individual. It is also likely that the blade came Micra and Rolls scheduled maintenance are in different price ranges. Micra and Rolls price of a new factory is different.Their resale value is different, even if their technical condition and mileage driven would be roughly the same. For some cars made maintenance service according to the book, some cars trying to run 100 000 km without even changing the oil, some buses run only during the summer, some cars unwashed wallow in the mud from year to year.

Clock in, the wall clock in the original factory of new technology and the difference in quality of the technical condition of the difference in quality upon arrival at the workshop may well be even greater than for cars with examples. Similarly, a particular brand and aged wall clocks are usually very high-quality mechanisms (if the inside of the cabinet now found really original machine) and a particular brand of age and again usually quite unacceptably poor quality machinery.Unfortunately, in many cases proper repairs of low-grade machinery often takes considerably more time than the proper repair of the machinery of good quality. For some time it has undergone decades or centuries during the time “scheduled maintenance”, some never. The clock has been considered for decades the cold in the attic, in a smoky smoke or changing lattialämmitteisessä very dry-rise apartment. The clock may have been decades in extremely dusty or dirty domestic animals scurrying around the apartment or it has been a lonely maid mad on the wall. The clock may be almost new condition, so much so that it is not kept on or in the professional skill is “öljyilty” or corrected “, even repeatedly and frequently. In general, the wall clock in a single meaningful “use by habit” is that what kind of professionalism it has been repaired. In general, a single unskilled “little patch” to correct it takes an inordinate amount of time; it is not uncommon that a single unskilled “repair” the repair will take more time than the usual general maintenance of the entire clock.

The clock for the repairer like a reasonable starting point the fact that he gets salary generally sacrificed to repair the hours of the clock (boundary conditions and exceptions to this of course is, but I will not go to them now). I therefore believe it is reasonable to expect that the watchmaker does not have to regularly consume their working time in the form of pay that the client clock is “repaired” by unqualified people sometime in the past; I figure responsible for the technical condition of the clock before it is harvested part of the clock owner. If I mentioned the premise is accepted, it follows that there can not be any unambiguous general nature for the correction of the price of a wall clock.


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