How To Know Our Bra Size And The Cup We Need?

I recently read that 94% of women do not know what our proper bra size is, and 70% do not wear the right bra size, right?

Failure to wear the right bra can lead to health consequences, in fact,Francesc Puertas, responsible for Belcor Pharma, explains that “30% of medical consultations for breast pains, hardness or marks on the skin are due to the use Of an inadequate bra, “ but wearing an inappropriate bra can also cause backaches, headaches and postural deformities, so I’ve decided tobring in my little bit of sand so we can start wearing the correct bra.

The first thing that we have to know to make us the perfect bra is to know what our size and the cup that best fits our chest, then we will choose the model that gives us more support and makes us a sexier neckline.

How to know our bra size?

To know the size of bra we wear  To need a tape measure, because we will need to know the contour of our back and the contour of the chest.

The contour of the back is achieved by measuring the circumference of our body just below the chest, imagine that this circumference measures for example 80 cm, because that will be your bra size, 80.

The bra sizes go from 5 to 5 cm, so if your outline does not match you always have to choose to round up, for example if your outline measures 92 cm choose the size 95. When choosing the larger size you will be more comfortable than If you have a small one and you can adjust the measurement with the brackets at the back.

The most common mistake when buying a bra is to choose a size too large and a cup too small, the size you know to choose, but how do you choose the cup?

What cup of bra do I need?

Knowing the bra cup we need is as important or more than knowing the size.

To know the cup we need we have to measure the circumference of the breast contour, right at the level of the nipples, when measuring it we have to be careful not to overeat. Do not take this measure if you are with menstruation because the breasts may be somewhat swollen.

Now that we know the contour of the chest and the contour of the back (which we use to know the size of bra) we can calculate what is our cup, and for that to the chest contour we subtract the contour of back.

Imagine that the breast contour has given us a resize of 95 cm, if we subtract the 85 that we put before as an example, gives us a result of 10 cm (95-80 = 10)

And now what do we do with that result?

  • If the difference of the subtraction is of 10 cm we take a glass A
  • If the difference of the subtraction is of 15 cm we take a glass B
  • If the difference of the subtraction is of 17,5 cm we take a glass C
  • If the difference of the subtraction is of 20 cm we take a glass D
  • If the difference of the subtraction is of 22,5 cm we take an E cup

Now you have to answer another important question, are the hooped bras good?

Definitely yes, it is best to buy bras with rings (except if you are a latin mother or if you are going to play sports you will need a specific sports bra).

The rings help to hold our chest better and are very favorable for both the neckline and the profile.

We can find 2 types of rings, qe are crescent shaped (they are the most common), which help enhance the chest, and those of whole hoops that help to collect the largest breasts.

Other things to keep in mind with the bras:

  • The straps should not tighten but they should not be too loose, when they adjust they have to look for them to not move without getting overwhelmed.
  • It is best that you choose cotton bras, lycra and elastan do not keep your breasts well in place.

Now you know what you have to do, forget the size you thought you used and start from 0, sure you appreciate it.