How to Knit a Cardigan Sweater

The knitting today provides for the eventual creation of an orange cardigan for size: 42/44. We follow all the instructions needed to create part by part and its packaging. Required materials: 500 grams of yarn (60% cotton, 40% polyacrylic. Gr. = 50 mt. 130) orange color, needles n. 3.5 and lastly 4 buttons. Rib: f. Forward: * 1 m. dir., 1 m. purl. *, rep. from to *; f. return to P. Garter: all rows. to say the least. Fancy stitch on back(on 112 m.): Lav. seg. diagram 1. They are suitable only f. round. In f. lav of return. sts. as it stands or as described. Height lav. 5 times from the 1st to 4th f., Then rip. always from the 5th to the 4th f.

Fancy stitch for the sleeves: work. as the p. fantasy behind, though seg.Figure 2 and setting the m. from the Centre. Height lav. 5 times from the 1st to 4th f. then rip. always by 5 ° to 24 ° row. Champion: cm. 10 x 10 to p. fantasy = 23 m. and 33 f

Behind: start 114 mesh and work. p. patterned on back working at ends 1 st. the viv. A cm. 54 = 178 f. alt. tot., for the neck, left open the 40 m.central and term. the two parts separately, leaving open the side neck every 2 rows. 1x 3 m. and 1 time 2m. A cm. 56 = 184 f. alt. tot. bind off the 32 m. left for each shoulder. Cont. On 50 m. left outstanding at p. coasts weaving the sides every 2 rows. 3 times 1 m. A cm. 2 from the beginning of p. cross off the coasts. sts. remained.

Left front: cast. 52 m. and work. as follows: 1 m. the viv., 1 times the first 46 m. p. fantasy behind, 4 m. p. coasts, 1 m. dl viv. To aum diagonal. left every 8 rows. 6 times 1 m. = 58 m.

For increases lav. 2 m. last st. that precedes the p. coasts (1 m. dir., 1 m. to say the least. Twisted) and work. p. Fantasy, however lav. to say the least. last st. before p. coasts. A cm. 34 alt. tot., for the V-neck, dim. left every 2 rows. 18 times 1 m. and every 4 rows. 8 times 1 m. For decreaseslav. ins. as required by the point the two m. before p. coasts. A cm. 56 = 184 f. alt. tot. bind off. 32 m. left for the shoulder.

Right front: work. in a symmetrical manner, but with the eyelets. A cm.15 = 50 f. alt. tot. lav, the 1st loop as follows: right lav. 1 acc. simple (= slip 1 st., 1 m. dir., acc. Ia m. past) with the 3rd and the 4th st., 1 YO., in f. lav of return. sts. purl. Lav. the other three eyelets in cm. 6 away I’uno other.

Sleeves: cast. 51 m. and work. p. imagination to the sleeves working at ends 1 st. the viv. and setting the m. from the Centre. Aum simultaneously. the sides every 8 rows. 6 times 1 m. and every 4 rows. 28 times 1 m. as follows: the sides of 39 m. central rip. Always reportindicated. A cm. 46 = 152 f. alt. tot. bind off. all 119 m.

Packaging: close behind. Close the sides and sleeves. Join the sleeves.Sew on buttons. And our knitting is finished. Read more