How to Install LED Lights on Bicycle

LED lighting accent – an easy way to improve visibility at night on your motorcycle. LED lights are the best way to illuminate his motorcycle because they are very bright and do not require a lot of food. Installation is simple and can be done at two simple hand tools.
Buy LED kit. These kits can be found on ebicyclelights or at your local store motorcycle or ATV to dealer.

Add light on the bike wherever you want. Most lamps are supplied as strips or adhesive tape on the back. Put lights on the bike you want, but try to set them symmetrically on both sides of the bike to give the same lighting lamps.
Make the connection for the lights to unite them. To reduce the number of cables that go through your motorcycle, make knots. Take the wires coming from the lights on the right side of the bike and gather them in one package. This point should be close to the seat so that the battery is located underneath. Using pliers, wire stripper, remove about an inch rubber insulation from the ends of each wire. Connect the positive lead from the lights skrutyvshy bare wires together. Do the same for the negative wires. Repeat this step for the other side.

Connect the components together. Remove the seat as described in the user manual as the next step to perform under the seat. One channel simply hooked wire to positive and negative terminals by twisting bare wires together. Wrap duct tape that connection, to protect it. Repeat this step for the other side and connect the two plates together by twisting wire the positive and negative wires.

Connect to a power source. From this central hub, and the other wire by twisting side to the positive line and the other wire to negative. Wrap these compounds tape. You should now have a positive and negative wire. Loosen the positive and negative terminals of the battery. Insert the positive wire between the positive pole and the bolt head this terminal and tighten the bolt between wire and terminal. Repeat this step with minus negative conclusion.
Do the buttons on the seats. Place the seat and make sure the electrical connections which are set firmly mounted and can not move. Switch on the ignition and deflect back to admire his work.

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