How to Fix Bike Tire with Hole

As motorists, cyclists also it happens very often that a bicycle tyre you holes, but don’t be afraid, because the problem will be easily solved. We see then how to intervene to repair a perforated wheel of our bicycle, by following these simple steps. In a short time our bike will be running like new, without having to spend additional sums to resort to a specialized repair specific technician.

The first action we should necessarily take to repair our bicycle tyre effectively is to remove his bladder, according to To do this we should pin on the tire and remove it, using a screwdriver split (also called a screwdriver), or another similar tool; then, to try to locate the exact spot where the faulty wheel hole, you can follow the two methodologies that we’d go to exhibit. Although the second method may be the most advisable and effective.

The first system that you can follow is to fill the air tubular bicycle tire and put it near your face and, preferably, in the most sensitive parts of the face (such as the lips and the lower boundary of the eyes), turning it completely. The other method, however, is to place the air chamber within a basin full of cold water and watch where they come out of the bubbles (and there we will locate the hole).

Next, we should make the repair, so let’s move on to dry the area well as soon as detected through a rag; We pass the abrasive paper thin, put the PuTTY (which is a liquid glue) and, on the latter, we place a patch and a burden, so as to make it attack effectively.
Now, let’s wait a while and then we check that everything has been successful; to do this, we could make an assessment test: inflating the air bladder and putting it back into the basin always filled with water. If doing so will not come out any bubbles, significerà that the tubular structure of our bike will be repaired and, therefore, we can finally put the tyre and test it directly, with a nice ride on our bike.