How to Dress for Christmas

On Christmas Eve, there reigns a special atmosphere. Whether you celebrate Christmas Eve in your family, lovers or in the restaurant, discover our tips for choosing the appropriate attire!

For a Christmas Eve Family

If you spend Christmas Eve in your family, surrounded by cousins, nephews and grandparents, sartorial effort is rigorous, but it is useless to look too sexy outfit under pain to your family ill at easy. However, you can opt for a skater dress worn with pumps or derbies. Enhance the outfit with a fancy accessory to give it more pep, and voila! If you celebrate Christmas in your in-laws, the challenge is even greater. To combine elegance and comfort, go for a light blouse and a skirt. Complete your outfit with a slightly tacky glitter or colored shoes to add a note of fantasy. In any case, during a family meal, keep a light touch on the makeup!

For a Romantic Christmas

If this year you have decided to spend Christmas Eve alone together with your other half, it is an opportunity to take the high road! If you go out to dinner, play the card from SummerDressesStore with a combination strapless summer dress in the back and decorated with a pretty necklace. Dare also vertiginous heels to dazzle your sweetheart! If you stay at home, go for a nice sequined dress or a strapless dress. Put on nice underwear, and do not forget the accessories to personalize your outfit: your significant other knows you by heart, then surprise them with a pair of earrings or a large size ears bib necklace.

And If I Christmas Party with Friends?

During a Christmas Eve with friends, the atmosphere is more relaxed. But this is not a reason to see a neglected look! As there are likely to end the evening dancing, choose a stylish and comfortable outfit. A pleated trousers worn with a lace top, for example, will allow you to keep until the end of the night!

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