How to Customize a Wall Clock

A few days ago I got a wall clock with a detergent advertising. The truth not caught my attention that was not at all attractive, so I put hands to work for a tuning of the aforementioned aparatico.
After just a few minutes it was already hanging on the wall and the truth that his appearance had changed a lot.

Do you need?

  1. Clockwork, those advertising or economic that they get for very little money.
  2. A sheet of white cardboard (for printing).
  3. Pliers, to disarm and reset the clock
  4. Scissors
  5. School Glue
  6. And a little creativity

The first thing you should do is disarm the clock, taking special care to the time of remove the glass or plastic that covers it, with a slight pressure towards the outside to remove the clock hands taking into account the order in which are to place them equal to the time to assemble, with the help of pliers remove the nut that secures the machine clock We must now separate the impression that comes at the bottom of the clock, but with care since this will serve as a guide to cut the printed image customized for us.

Second. Already disassembled, clock, must choose the reason that we want “tunning” our (a landscape, logo, photo, painting, background, etc). In my case, use a photo of my children.
My watch is 20 centimeters in diameter, so I printed the photo (in bond and low quality paper) in size letter to mark in that place should put time indicators numbers and see how you should cut out it to make visible why they wished to.

3rd. Using a demo of Collage Maker insert numbers, time indicators, in the place where I wanted them to and then I printed this Collage. This time if in maximum quality and white cardboard. This impression sobrepuse watch original advertising for this way mark with a pencil where should cut our reason and the hole where you should enter the clock hands.
Quarter. Trim.

Fifth. We put our reason on the clock with some school glue and adjust. Now if rearmamos the clock. We already have a wall clock personalised with our motive

I hope that phoenixwallclocks encourages and make your own wall clock, to give away at Christmas to relatives, or as a reminder of the little party of birthday of your children, why not earn money extra making them advertising a company or simply place it in your office as a photo of his children, which is what I did.

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