How to Combine Leather Trousers

The leather trousers and leather is one of these garments that in a short time has become a substitute for the timeless jeans, turn the wildcard par excellence. As the jeans you find them in many styles: skinny or skinny jeans, legging, baggys and even cutting midi. While there are people who refuses to take them they are as versatile as the jeans or more. As well as sexy and flattering, you get a look that will not leave anyone indifferent.

Combining skin looks working girl pants

The model skinny and baggy is perfect to go to work, it is elegant as well as comfortable, especially if you spend many hours sitting. Get a look of work with white shirt and blazer, the foolproof trick is to wear stilettos or dancers in neutral colors, you’re also going to seem high and thin. As I said in the post: How to combine musketeer boots, skin if one already has prominence, so most importantly when it comes to your mix is with simple clothes and in neutral colors .

The pants baggy are very fashionable, combined with crop tops or short sweaters, t-shirts and sweatshirts. To avoid a very sport look try these clothes do not exceed the bottom of the waist, some silettos put the feminine touch.

Combine looks night out leather pants

The leather leggings are the perfect companion for our nights out. Choose it with high-waisted, Black and if you have better contrast with another type of skin or scale of trimmings. Combine with stilettos, Sandals , or boots great heel, top or silk blouse, fur waistcoat, bomber or coat type yeti. It’s that you get the most out of the look, a bit of excess no matter. Leather pants are also trend in party looks, mixed black and blue navy – the trend of this season – and get a sophisticated and elegant look.

Combine with casual looks leather trousers

Get the look with white sneakers, boots biker, slip on… .siguiendo the same dynamic of the jeans, go with everything. Legging skin or biker zippers, are pants that lend themselves more to look casual but arranged. Mix with hoodies, knitwear, coats and all in size oversized. Looking for the contrast of textures to subtract protagonism to the trousers of skin and in this way look a chic sport look.

Combining leather trousers:

Petite girls

The model of leather pants that you look good is not an easy task, and if you’re also short, the issue is more complicated. This is due especially to according to the model of pants you choose the area of trouser knee remains below this, leaving in our leg wrinkles or bags in that area. Are going missing leg or leftover fabric

The best option is the legging of leather smooth, tend to be more narrow leg and will adjust to any height. From my own experience the faux fur are those who are better, are very finite and not create volume in the area of the knee. However, if want some genuine fur that this procurement is not too thick to prevent wrinkles in the folds of the knees.

If the to the leather, like most I recommend lUterqüe suede egging, they leave no wrinkles in the knee area and it is very stylish. If someone finds the version low-cost that leave us in the comments

These are some ideas, but there are many more ways to combine leather trousers. What is your favorite combination?