How to Combine Flower Leggings

Hello outfitter, this is the first guest post, a space where you can contribute your grain of sand in this beautiful community of my outfit Rd.

If you are interested in being part of this section you can see the requirements here. A couple of weeks ago doing review of my closet, I found some leggings flower who came to me by chance in the 2011, to have them in my hands I said for me inside is time to do something with so many flowers.

I hung them in my closet again to forget about them for a while, but, while I was finding other clothes my internal app of combinations for outfits was lit.

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Then I share 3 different combinations to take such skinny leggings appropriately, without scandalizing the view of the rest and especially in a very chic!

Combination to

-Blouse or top smooth to tone with the color of the flowers of the leggings

-Executive jacket 3/4 sleeves, preferably white or black

-closed shoes type flats to tone with the base color of the leggings

-top-tone veneers style earrings

Combination B

-Light colored shirt with 3/4 sleeves

-Open type flats of the same tone of the shirt

-Shirt buttons Small color earrings

-Leggings core tone bracelets

Combination C

-woven cotton long sleeves sweater, don’t forget to roll the sleeves up to the elbows for a more sophisticated touch

-Slippers with platform in tone with the flowers of the leggings

-Long necklace in golden tone small earrings and matching bracelets

Do not forget in all 3 cases bring a clutch in tune with the outfit chosen.

So you know, dare to use your leggings flower that from several seasons back are still in trend.

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