How To Choose Your Perfect Swimsuit Or Bikini (Or Trikini, Tankini…)

Surely at this point, and more with the tremendous high temperatures of the last days, you’re already looking forward to finding the time to hit you a good dip.

Whether on the idyllic beach of Formentera or Zahara de los Atunes, where you have your eye on your next vacation, in the pool of your neighborhood or in the pool of your parents’ village house. Does not matter! Be that as it may, and with the summer just around the corner, the only important thing is that you can enjoy a good time in soaking.

Before you think of taking off your clothes and throwing yourself into a bomb, one of the issues that you have been wondering about is your bathing suit. At this point, and as perhaps (just perhaps) you are not the lucky ones that nature has endowed with a body to the Gisele Bündchen (now, yes, it has given you a lot of sympathy), every summer you are involved in the , Many times, difficult task to find a bikini or swimsuit ideal. And since we all want to be great and look palmito on the beach, we want to facilitate this task and share with you some essential truquitos when choosing the ideal bathing suit according to the shape of your body.

Do you dare to discover them?

Large Breast Vs Little Breast

The most important trick when it comes to looking great in bathing suits is simple: Get complex! No matter if you have a lot or little chest, you can find a multitude of options to get the best out of it.

If you have a small chest, look for triangle bikinis or have no straps, and opt for patterns and eye-catching tones. You can find models that come with some stuffing, or even look for bikinis that have the top draped, with frills or ruffles. A good choice are horizontal striped bikinis.

On the contrary, for girls with a lot of chest, bikinis or bathing suits with V-neck or halter neck, which always offer greater support, are recommended. Choose models that have rather thin straps (the thickness can visually increase the size of your chest) and opts for basic prints and discrete colors like black, olive, navy blue or brown.

How Are Your Hips

If you have a figure closer to what is known as an inverted triangle (shoulders marked and wider than the hips), try to put the spotlight on the bottom of your bathing suit. To do this, choose bikinis with a panties with bows, frills, fringes… whatever it is to boost and give volume to your hips. Likewise, the prints and colors (never discreet!) Will become your best allies.

Let’s go the opposite: you narrowed shoulders and hips hit or, what is the same, the silhouette known as “pear type.” To divert attention from the bottom, choose a bikini that will boost your chest and balance the volume of your hips. To achieve this, you can combine different bikinis (using colorful top parts and more striking prints and leaving the neutral colors below) or choose low-waist and dark-colored parts that will create the visual effect of longer legs.

Low Or High?

You get to the beach, you get off the esparto platforms and you lose 15 centimeters. Nothing happens. Choose a two piece bikini and try to be low-cut, as it will make you look slimmer. Swimsuits are also usually a good choice for these types of figures, as they stylize a lot and make it appear taller. If above you find a vertical stripes model… bingo! It is the ideal design to lengthen your silhouette.

Needless to say, if you are very high, the above tips will come as a thumbs-down to do the opposite. Escape one-piece swimsuits (unless you want to boast in height) and look for a bikini with halter neck, bandeau neckline or word of honor… If you get bored of two-piece swimsuits, try a trikini, sure Which will be favorable and you will not fall completely in the effect of the bathing suit.

Attention Come Curves

If you are one of those who has a very feminine and curvy silhouette, swimsuits and bikinis in neutral colors are a good ally so your curves do not seem exaggerated. Avoid the visually fattening prints, such as horizontal stripes, large tops, very striking patterns or colors, and opt for basic or neutral tones, such as nude or chocolate, the latter ideal if you are already brown. If you’re interested in hiding your belly a little, you can do it using a high waist panties or a V-neck neckline or halter neck, which will make your chest look more stylized and enhanced and will therefore divert The attention to your cleavage. The “friend” print for these cases: a model with vertical stripes is perfect to make your figure more slender.

Tip: If you choose a bikini, choose a rather low-size panties that are not excessively large. That covers you well but is not excessively large, because, contrary to what we can think, these types of models often create the opposite effect and draw too much attention on your hips.

Straight Body

With this silhouette you have the opportunity to innovate and fill your wardrobe of bathing suits and especially bikinis with frills, fringes, fringes, prints and original and striking colors… everything you can think of to attract attention and enhance your figure. Also, use top parts that have a little filling or cups with pads.

A non-resounding: bathing suits of very dark and smooth colors will make you look very thin and will enhance even more the visual effect of straight silhouette.

Trikini, Tankini…

The bath fashion offer is so wide and varied that, if you get bored of bikinis and bathing suits of all life, you can find original and fun alternatives with which you will also be perfect on the beach: this is the case of trikinis and Tankinis.

The trikini is a garment that has been hitting several seasons. Aesthetically, if you are bold and the lucky few you feel good, there are models of a thousand shapes and designs that can give you much game. Of course, be careful when it comes to getting brown and the marks, which can be very “artistic”.

The tankinis mix the benefits of a bikini and a swimsuit, because, while styling and cover your figure, they give you the possibility to combine and mix as you want the bottom. In addition, depending on whether you want to sunbathe, bathe, take a walk… you can choose to raise or lower the top.

As you will see, there are different options at for all tastes, shapes and colors, including bikini, tankini, trikini, bandeau swimsuit, etc. You just have to know your body a little, be comfortable with it and follow our advice to hit the perfect model. The beach is waiting for you!