How to Choose the Right Wallet

Ultimate accessory that follows us every day, the portfolio is not receiving the attention it deserves in general.Indeed, while we carefully choose the dress, shoes and bag, this accessory is sometimes the least of our worries. But fashionistas will agree on the fact that it is a fully fledged fashion accessory. Therefore neglect by no choice.

Wear it with the handbag or not?

Many brands offer a matching wallet to each their line of handbags. This kind of offer is relatively common whether it is a large leather goods or a small brand. Moreover, the portfolio is sometimes offered. And we must recognize that it is more chic result when the two are matched. Moreover, take a look   here if you are looking for the same model portfolio that your brand bag.

On the other hand, matching the two is not mandatory. For a modern look precisely Cristina Cordula priestess of fashion recommend spoiling everything. And have you ever seen the contents of a woman wallet  ? It is so full it would be impossible for any transfer to another every time we exchange handbag. This is also the main reason why most women do not match these accessories.

So if you can afford it as well financially as a practicality standpoint, opt for a portfolio and a matching bag. But there are no specific requirements perfectly and you can choose the model you like, regardless of the purse.

Some tips to choose well

The choice can be much more difficult than it sounds because many parameters are involved. But to quickly find one that will make you happy, ask you questions about your needs and habits.

  • Do you like accumulating business cards, loyalty cards, etc.?
  • You prefer to keep good books and money in the same container or would separate them?
  • You could change regularly prefer to keep your business for years?
  • You have a preference for flashy colors or more sober hues?Solid colors or patterns? And what kinds of reasons?

Once all the answers found, you will know what size to choose, what number of compartments, what color, what material, etc.

Note that portfolios with a zipped compartment are more appropriate to prevent the coins being scattered in the bag. If you are the type to have “too many” things in it, opt for models with a closing round to lose nothing. Also note that the leather is very strong. It is ideal for those prefer to keep the same portfolio for months or even years.This material is flexible, it adapts to the content, but does not tear. By cons, leather is expensive compared to other materials such as synthetic leather or fabric, but the investment is worth the long term.

You will leave the the baker, the ATM at the supermarket or the corner store… in short, everywhere and all day, so make sure your portfolio to your image, that is, -dire beautiful. Currently there are many models to suit all budgets and all requirements. Are you the type to always have the portfolio clutter? Find here some tips to better organize.