How to Choose The Right Sports Bra for Running

You do not know how to choose your bra running? Enjoy DECATHLON advice to buy the model best suited to your size to your body and your taste.

Choosing Bra Running According To Its Breast Size

To choose a  race bra walk  adapted to your body, you must first know your size. To do this, measure your turn back and your chest.

Measuring your back round is done with a ribbon around the bottom of your breasts. Depending on its length, you will know the size of the bra type 80, 90, 100.

To calculate your chest, thread the ribbon from your back to the tip of your breasts by holding it horizontally. This measurement indicates the size of type A cap, B, C.

To help you in your choice, know also that there are correspondences between bra sizes and size of  running clothes .For example, an underwear model 36 is equivalent to a 80 or 85A, a size 40 corresponds to a model 90B or 85C and 44 is equivalent to a bra 85E, 90E and 95C.

Choose Bra Running According to the Desired Form

For your sessions running, you have the choice between a traditional bra or a bra. These two types of  running underwear are suitable for the practice of running through sections studied to fit perfectly to your chest and ensure good maintenance of your breasts during exercise.

Only the forms of the model and suspenders change. Straight straps, which are positioned as those of cheap sports bras are less in contact with skin. They take you so less hot and limit perspiration at the upper back.However, if they are not well regulated, they are likely to move during exercise unlike crossed straps in the back or forming a Y. Despite a greater contact with the skin and therefore less ventilation, the latter provide better support whatever the movements made. The straps crossed or Y are therefore better suited to riders with a strong chest.

Other Selection Criteria of bra Of Running: Material And Adjustment

Another very important criterion when buying your running bra is matter. It should be light and breathable to ensure a comfortable and keep your skin dry port. Prefer Running clothing made of a perforated fabric on the sides and back for optimal ventilation.

When choosing your bra running, so be sure to choose a model that is easily adjustable and fits perfectly in your chest. It is for you if:

– Strip underwear fabric is perfectly positioned in the back remaining horizontal;
-this textile band wears well on your chest and you do not shake;
-the joint between the two cups is glued to your skin
-the plates of the bra are positioned well below your chest
-the cups fit perfectly to the size of your breasts will not wrinkle or crush your chest.

Also prefer a running bra whose straps are easily adjusted in order to adjust them quickly before and during your training if necessary.

Finally, you will find models that close to the front or rear to choose according to your preferences.

Whether you choose a bra or a bra, a model that closes the front or in the back and an undergarment with straight shoulder straps, crossed or Y, in all cases, it is important to try running your bra before buying. This is the only way to ensure that it is fully consistent with the above criteria, it maintains your breast properly and that you feel comfortable wearing it.

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