How to Choose the Right Size Sleeping Bag

The shape of the sleeping bag

Sleeping bags nowadays have two basic shapes: quilt and mummies.

Quilt or A covering sleeping bag is suitable for less demanding action, is comfortable and breaking changes to the blanket. In no case do not fit into the extreme conditions.

Mummy sleeping bag has a shape that optimizes the size of the heated area by the foot area is narrowed, thus heat from this part of the body is sufficient to warm up the internal space. That is remove excess filler material and cause it to be reduced weight and dimension to collapse. Head area is completely protected when pulling the tapes or other security.

When strong individuals and those who do not like tight spaces, are oval and extended shapes mummy sleeping bags. Too loose sleeping bags are not recommended to take. Is it because the inside of the sleeping bag can bask ourselves, own heat and heat up too much space is challenging.

Anatomical shapes mummy contrary, the most copied the human body to achieve the lowest possible weight, volume and the best thermal insulating properties of backpacking sleeping bags. They are less comfortable because in them the movement is considerably restricted, but these sleeping bags are most suitable for demanding events at temperatures below ten degrees Celsius. Sometimes anatomical mumiovým sleeping bags called “sarcophagus” –

Size sleeping bag

Choose the right size bag is more important than it would seem.

If you take too large sleeping. It means that the longer warms own heat unnecessarily large, unused space. Also along vláčíme unnecessarily large volume and weight. This error is most often commit, if we let our kids sleep in sleeping bags for adults.

Small and tight sleeping bag is also a problem. It is uncomfortable and depressed insulating layer is cold.

A zipper or without?

Zip is handy for ventilation and accelerates drying sleeping bags. Also thanks to him, crawled into my sleeping bag comfortably. Zip should be covered with insulating flap to the sleeping bag, zipped through not go cold. It must not be Zakusov into the surrounding fabric. But this does not protect completely, because in extreme winter conditions, choose some sleeping bags without zippers.

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