How to Choose the Right Earrings for Your Face Shape

We normally choose our jewelry based on the holding, in the mood, style. With a good choice, we can to highlight our natural wealth, highlight the beautiful shapes of our countenance and show our feminine charms. The earrings are an important accessory with which we highlight the colour of our eyes and emphasize the shape of our face.

A round face

If you have a round face, avoid too imposing, too circular earrings that add volume on the lobe of the ear. To elongate the face, opt for the earrings long, narrow, curvy.

An oval face

The oval face is often considered to be the perfect shape of the face, with which you can wear any type of earrings. Those who prefer a more classic style will choose the loners, the others will opt for oval, triangular or rectilinear forms.

A face lying

Your goal is to expand your face in order to establish a balance. Opt for the large earrings that contrast with the lying: round or square shapes. Of course, to avoid the long and narrow earrings.

A square face

Try to create the length and reduce the width of the face: to achieve this goal, prefer the circular – cut at an angle and to rounded tips, or triangular shapes. Avoid rather the square shapes and large models. Yes the dangling earrings.

A triangular face

It’s a heart, with more broad forehead shaped face and very thin Chin. Your idea will be to give the illusion of more strong JAWS: getting there, wear water drop-shaped, oval or even circular loops. Say no to the earrings long and thin.

Florence Bayala

Photo: New face Agency

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