How to Choose the Right Bra for You

Knowing how to choose the right bra for you is not always easy, for this we provide you with some practical tips to learn how to figure out which model is best suited to the shape of your body. The bra, head with a long history behind it, has evolved to the present day always finding new interpretations, made in many different forms by different specialized brand in the industry, how to move around in this world so full of alternatives? It is not as difficult as you think anymore!

Locate the perfect bra for the shape of their breasts is crucial to a fashion victim, because having the right support and avoid a lot of place signs affects the choice of the outfit everyday, clothes to wear and coordinated to choose from. To date there are numerous specialized brand in the field of intimate, such as, and all offer a rich selection of models for any need.

Choose the perfect bra: size and cups

The first step in choosing a bra is to be aware of their size and the type of cup right for you. For this you just need a meter, with which you will take the first measurement of the circumference of the chest under the breasts, resulting in the famous underbra; hold the meter horizontally and make sure that string, but not too much. The value obtained in cm correspond to your size. The next step is to calculate the value of the cup by measuring the circumference of the breast. Subtracting the first number obtained by the second, you will have a number ranging from 5 to 20 cm here is obtained the value of your cup! In ascending order, from smallest to largest breasts, the result is this:

– At number 5 is the cup A
– At number 10 is the cup B
– At number 15 corresponds to the cup C
– At number 20 corresponds to the cup D

Bras for small breasts: the push up

At this point you have the data you need and your search for the perfect bra is halfway. If yours is a small breasts, know that the market there are many models of push ups for every need.

In Fall / Winter 2014-2015 underwear Intimissimi for example back again this year the super push up, with padded cups, underwire and new versions even without bra with removable straps, perfect to be worn under strapless bodices and gowns.

Bras for medium and large breasts

The medium breasts and larger can experience different forms, ranging from the simple to the minimizer bra models indicated for those with more than the fourth. Collections such as lingerie Yamamay for Fall / Winter 2014-2015 are rich in models for each size, more seductive items with lace and embroidery, and versions of classic minimalist chic.

The most important advice we give, however, remains to be is always to try out your new bra before you buy it, because the numbers do not lie but the way in which each brand interprets the measurement methods may also vary slightly.Bring along your favorite top, maybe even closer and test to see if the bra cup does his duty in the right way or if you create spaces and other defects visible under clothing. So certainly you can not go wrong!

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