How to Choose the Perfect Swimsuit

This summer is the pretext for Tan us and look gorgeous on the beach


Mexico.-this Monday with Martha Debayle and Rebecca sleeves the editor of fashion magazine In Style Claudia Cándano (@claudiacandano) gave us some tips to find the perfect swimsuit and look spectacular this summer

MUJERESSufrimos because it is typical that you have left bottom of the bikini and top not. The full suit straps fall off you or corrupt you and try is exhausting. It will be much easier and more fun to get ready for summer with these tips

IF YOU BUST PEQUENO:1. Look for tops with details such as pleats, dress, monkeys, or knots. If these are filled you may increase to a size visually (eye: is very important to a gap between your chest and the bikini bra is not visible because the effect will be counterproductive) 2. If you choose a full suit, opt for one with a pronounced cleavage is going to see a very sexy and very few women can do it

3 stripes, large prints and bright colors visually increase the volume of the bust

IF YOU HAVE MUCH BUSTO:1. You are tops which have rods well. Forget filling, you don’t need it

2 search for the tops of adjustable straps or which have a high percentage of lycra so that they do not loosen easily

  1. the Court you are favoring more is halter, since it gives you much support

4 search for bikinis or complete costumes that have detail on the bottom, so care not direct anger to bust

5 opt for simple tops and without bulky details

If you have belly: There are Spanx swimwear! 1. Opt for complete costumes or tankinis. If you prefer the bikinis they must be high-waisted to clog the part that you want to hide

2 horizontal or diagonal pleats in the stomach area conceal the tummy and do make your torso look more stylish

3 looking for those who have cleavage v to make the attention go to the neck and abdomen not

  1. those who are surround help mark the waist and hide the belly
  2. those who have vertical prints to the Center and sides in a dark and smooth, color camouflage the abdomen and framing your waist

IF YOU HAVE THE TORSO CORTO:1. To lengthen your torso seeks complete costumes with vertical prints ranging from neck up to down

2 search for bikinis having short shot and the top is strapless and chiquito

3 forget the bikinis to the waist type cincuentas4. Swimsuits that have color side panels help to extend the figura5. Halter also helps to lengthen your figuraSI have largo:1 TORSO. Those who favor more you are two-piece bathing suits. It can be bikini or tankini

2 opt for horizontal details at the height of the abdomen to create a balance in your body. It may be a belt, stripes, patterns or a change of color 3. Make your legs look longer with high sides below type cincuentasSI have much cadera:1. Takes the view of the upper part of your body with top with details such as dress, stripes, Rhinestones, or color changes

  1. to lengthen your torso, go for v necklines and vertical stripes. 3 find that bottom have little fabric and preferably that tie with husk, so you can adjust it and will not bring you chubby

4 suits of bath or bikinis with color side panels help to visually slimming the cadera5. They also help you who are as cullotes because they give more support to the cadera6. Mix a top clear with a bottom oscuraMARCAS:h & M, Oysho, Zingara, American Apparel, Womens Secret, American Eagle, Calzedonia (sold the tops and bottom part separately) Inés Barona, La Reyna, Cocolat, Dell’Aqua, J Boutique, ocean wave, Gottex, Nautica, Banana Moon, Mysso, Touche, Kiwi, Maaji (is interlomas parks and they are reversible) the bathroom LOOK with costume : • Tunics, mini shorts of jeans, the tshirts, long skirts, the flirty, masculine cut and strapless dresses shirts are ideal to get above bano• costume always usa Hat: Panama hat, Pamela, fedora, cowboy• large lenses give a lot wave to suit bano• a skin slippers or some of color look type Havaianas , if you want to see you more chic opts for a few gladiadoras• accessories type hippie chic look very cool but get off without accessories is much more practical

First HOMBRESLo that must be made is to be realistic with the body they have. I know that everyone wants to have a perfect abdomen but it is also true that not always you can, then more reasonable is to find the swimsuit that you will better your body

NOT! IF YOU’RE SHORT: 1. Take a look at the length of the bathing suit, is very important to get yourself above the knee to make you look longer and longer legs. Between longer are your shorts more chaparrito you’ll see. 2. with regard to the width of the swimsuit procurement that is not too loose because visually they are remaining height

3 Select button or Dowitcher, but preferably avoids springs. If you want to see higher opt for one that has vertical stripes on the sides that will make your legs look long and thin

IF YOU’RE ALTO:1. It emphasizes your height with a swimsuit that comes just to the knee or slightly below

2 it may be a suit wide but not too much because you could look like a rapper

  1. looking for that fastening with velcro, buttons or a Dowitcher. You can choose great prints or horizontal stripes. IF YOU’RE FLACO:1. If you are very thin legs your swimsuit cover the knee or that is you just search on top of this
  2. you can afford to use a cut a bit wider, so will be able to give more volume to your body
  3. the great prints or blocks of color will make you see more bandwidth

IF YOU’RE HARDY: 1. You have to stick to a classic cut. That are too long will make you see wider and which are very short too, so it is important that you seek to get you five cm above the knee

2 looking for a straight cut, if you opt for a loose swimwear you will be wider and if you want one stuck going to see wider still. Look to make you comfortable, that you do not tighten, and that it is not you too loose

3 look for dark and solid colors. If you want a printed suit you opt for thin vertical stripes or a linear print

BRANDS: Nautica, Scappino, American Eagle, H & M, Abercrombie & Fitch, J.Crew, Vilebrequin, Burberry, Lacoste, American Apparel, Billabong, Kiwi’s selling point i coma, Coast 98 sell them J boutique and Dell’Aqua, Massimo DuttiEL LOOK with a suit of bano:• you can use your suit with a shirt in cotton or linen of a color liso• flip-flops of gallo or crusades to the front leg You sandals or tenis• t-shirts smooth or with a printed discreto• a hat type panama• glasses Aviadoresninos:• buy them light and easy costumes of quitar• girls look divine with only the panties when they are chiquitas• kids shorts should be them above the knee because if not they suffer when it comes to nadar• t-shirts swim type surfer are the hit for kids and ninas• girls costumes change followed because they end up very fast