How to Choose Summer Dress

Summer is approaching, it is time to prepare his vacation! Your destination will be the beach this year? No question of not taking care of his look for as much! All our tricks to stay stylish on the sand with the Beach dress made for you…

Dress short or long beach?

If you have a petite morphology, you can afford the dress of short beach. Think about the overalls dress and dress-tunic, so practical to undress and get together in a swimsuit at a glance! She also will your legs tanned in value. If your figure is more luscious, opt for a wide and long dress. Light and fluid, it will breathe while protecting yourself from sunburn and will sublimate your tanned cleavage. It ends his short or long outfit with beautiful leather sandals and a hat with a wide brim.

Neon or pastel, what color to choose for my beach summer dress?

The summer dress of beach does not seriously! During the holidays, everything is allowed. The dress blouse patterned Oriental or fluo will delight the fashionistas who do not have cold feet while the pastel colors will be the trend for the season. Let’s calm down the game to a fluorescent dress with more sober accessories like a scarf in hair or a brown leather belt. We can rather mix a pastel dress with original fancy sunglasses and a Nail Polish orange neon on the hands and feet! Arm, a summer notes wicker basket will contain all of your Essentials.

Alternatives To The Summer Beach Dress

This season, other than the beach dress clothes invite themselves in our dressing room. Over our bikini, we can put at your leisure on a long combination chiffon, a delicate crochet shorts combi, alternatively a lovely wrap caftan. With colours and modern prints of SummerDressesStore, these summer dresses will modernize your beach look. We coordinate them with colorful sneakers, wedge sandals or flip flops women’s. Feel free to find accessories for a boho-chic look fun or 100% gypsy.

This year, fashion is certainly invited on the sand…

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