How to Choose Right Sleeping Bag?

Before going camping, the most important thing is to know what equipment you need and, above all, choose which suits you. For this reason, it is not strange that you RAID you a doubt: what sleeping bag should I buy?

The sleeping bags are, next to the tent, if not the most important thing, if you need to go camping. The reason lies in the rest: sleep well, whether in the mountains or at home, is very important to, thus guarantees best performance en route to the next day.

For this reason, the choice of a sleeping bag which best suits your needs is very important. We try to answer this common question with 5 tips to choose and buy sleeping bags.

5 tips to choose and buy a sleeping bag you need

1 applications the bag sleeping

This is one of the initial steps and one of the most important to get to know what kind of sleeping bag you need. It is not the same to choose a sleeping bag for a punctual journey that for a great crossing, as it is just to take it to the mountain to the beach camping.

In other words, the use of the sleeping bag must condition your purchase in a decisive way. All this should be decisive for your choice and to know the features concrete product, as for example material, shape, thickness and weight. From here, you must specify a series of points.

2 temperature ranges that you will be exposed

This point is determined by the type of trip that you win out, because it varies a lot a route by high mountains with snow-covered field, a path more calm and comfortable. That is why manufacturers of bags for sleep determine 3 types of temperature:

  1. Comfortable temperature and in environments closed as hostels, hostels or camping areas covered.
  2. Limit of comfort temperature, discovery but comfortable. Among them the tents in mountain and high mountain areas may qualify during the summer or spring, when it is not too cold.
  3. Extreme temperature in high mountain environments during periods of cold, when it can happen snowfall, rain, blizzards and other inclement weather direct.

3. materials of your bag sleeping

The material of your sleeping bag determined, obviously, by the environment to which you see exposed and the temperature. However, manufacturers tend to make bags following characteristics or commonalities as filling and insulation that each user needs.

In reference to filling materials tend to be feathers or synthetic fibers. Some or others determine the wind chill and the weight of the bag, but broadly speaking, are determined by the following characteristics:

  1. Synthetics: they are less delicate, you better accept the humid environments, but occupy more since they are not compressed so easily.
  2. Feathers: they provide a greater chill and take up less space, since they are more compressed. Although they require more care and are more delicate, both in general and in humid environments.

4. the SAC way of sleeping

The SAC It should be into account when, on the one hand, you do not have too much space in your backpack or want to get rid of grams more. But also and on the other hand, if you prefer to rest with more range of motion or less. As regards the types, there are the following two:

  1. Mummy: when you login into it, you can adopt the same stance as a mummy. It has a design that in addition to being more wide top and narrow toes, allows you to save weight and maximize heat retention. Its hood allows you to cover your head and neck, so are great for outings in cold temperatures or slightly frioleras people. They take up less space in the bags, since you can roll more easily.
  2. Straight: it is the classic model and the choice of people who want greater freedom of movement at night. Having a rectangular structure, the user can move without being tied. However, for cold climates is not the most preferred bag, cold can enter more easily. To roll up, they take up more space and weighs more than the average.

5. complementary products

Although it seems that with a good sleeping bag and a good tent, you already have the necessary equipment to rest during your routes, you should include something more. First, consider If you need to sleep with clothes or not. Above all, if you’re going to areas of high mountain or winter season, because on many occasions bring some thermal clothing it will make you resist more and rest better.

On the other hand, it is also interesting to include in your backpack an Mat or mattress. These are useful for people who often travel to areas with more hard and rocky soil. We know that it will not be the same as sleeping on a bed, but If you enter a mat, you can make sure you convenience when it comes to rest.

As you can see, the purchase of a sleeping bag is not as simple as it seems, since it involves many things. From the journey to the land, the climate and your way of sleeping, there are many types rest bags. In fact, all of them will influence directly your performance during your route. For this reason, prepare and equip yourself with products that are best suited to you!

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