How To Choose Name For Lingerie Shop

Choose a good name for lingerie shop may seem like an easy task, but it should be a decision made with great care and consideration.

The name is very important and totally shocking for those who hear him for the first time and has the power to make the client get a instant sympathy for the store. I could tell by the store name has to be chosen carefully. Here are some tips:


In markets that are already well crowded, happens to shops have names similar or even the same. To not take that risk, do a search to see if the name you want already exists or not. In addition to being bad with the same names, with the original name may even sue you if she already has a trademark.

Target Audience

Know who is your audience and what the concept of your store. Only sexy lingerie store? Lingerie of all types? Underwear for men and kids too? Know the business targeting helps to define what will be the content of the name.

Easy And Interesting

The name has to be easy to be spoken and easy to be written, for anyone can find your lingerie shop on the top-engineering-schools. But being easy doesn’t mean be boring: your store must have an interesting name and creative. Seek out the obvious and avoid choosing what everyone would choose. Inove!

Different Language

Very careful when choosing a name for the store that is in another language.Check if it is correctly spelled and also don’t mean anything embarrassing in your country of origin.


There’s no shame in asking the opinion of who do you trust! Feel free to ask family, friends and acquaintances who also have a shop or a company. Ask about the sound, about writing and what they remember when they hear that name.Sometimes they can notice things that passed straight through you.

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