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How to Choose LED Lighting for Home

Economical, efficient and durable: the LED

The first light bulb designed nearly a century ago was a light bulb with a tungsten filament, the mother of all lighting systems made up to now. Progress they have made very many, until arriving today to light the LED technology.

For each luminaire today the tendency of the light chosen covers the dimmable LED lighting: solution at the time of purchase certainly more expensive but that turns out to be the perfect solution over time, as it makes optimum light, energy consumption is negligible compared to any other a source of illumination, and above all ensures a long life, even more than ten years.

However, it is important to know what to LED lights and choose which type of lighting for your environment: here are some tips on how to go about choosing the right way.

Characteristics of LED lamps

LED is the new technology that has replaced the market incandescent bulbs: LED means Light Emitting Diode in other words the light emitting diode. The main features of this source of light are the great durability, which exceeds by twenty times beautiful classical incandescent bulb, and besides, the LED is classified as cold lights, that does not disperse nor produces energy in the form of heat. Precisely for this limited dispersion has an efficiency much higher than other types of lighting.

At constant electric power consumption, the LED lights to produce almost twice the lumen of the classic old bulb, which consumes half. In addition to the development and technological research, the cost of LEDs is increasingly shrinking. The illuminating yield of these lights is very sharp but can give very evocative sensations, for this are increasingly used by designers and engineers for the design of lamps with the distinctive design that make an innovative light and detail.

LED home lighting: what light you choose?

Firstly it is always important to try to get a proper relationship and balance between function and aesthetics: what we’re going to choose must meet our needs of light and illumination, but above all, we choose what most pleases us from the aesthetic point of view.

The offer for the LED lights is really varied: these lights can be inserted in any kind of lighting fixture since they have the main feature of not always get warm and stay cool to the touch.

In relation to the environment to be illuminated, we choose the lighting body: we can also evaluate the selection of colored lights that make it special atmosphere and which may in some way affect nicely on our psychological well-being.

In addition, it is important to assess the environmental dimension to be illuminated, the colors of the walls, the ceiling height from the ground, and the type of flooring: Next, select the type of light depending on the atmosphere you want to be inside of space.

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