How to Choose LED Lamps

The NDR magazine “Panorama 3” has on 22/09. reported lethal LED lamps , which are sold on the Internet, among other things on Ebay and Amazon. In a sample presented review of seven LEDs purchased by the “Association of Electrical Engineers” (VDE) fell six with serious safety deficiencies by. We have the VDE-experts questioned how consumers can be sure when buying LEDs on number.

The VDE tested the lamps produced in China on behalf of the NDR. The result: power supply cable and the components of the offending lights were not sufficiently insulated. So could be under power in case of failure metal housing or other components of the lamps. “I can get a shock which can be fatal,” said Jürgen Ripperger of VDE the NDR reporters.

CE mark weighs consumers a false sense of security

Tested and approved dangerous. (Source: NDR)

Particularly tricky: All lamps tested carried a CE mark. Thus, the manufacturer declares that it complies with all applicable provisions of the European Union, including the safety regulations. However, the CE mark is not a test or label since the manufacturers label their products themselves from it. But Ripperger leaves no doubt that the tested lamps are actually not marketable. Such products should not only reach in the market and should now be recalled immediately, the VDE-experts against “Panorama 3”.

Expert advice: buy LEDs from renowned dealers

What should consumers do if even a CE mark does not guarantee a safe product? “If you buy on the Internet, which implies a potential threat,” Ripperger explains in an interview. Absolute safety never admit it though, but the expert recommends to pay attention to three things when purchasing GU10 lighting:

Buy LEDs of known and reputable manufacturers –

-Buy LEDs only at authorized dealers

-Pay attention to testing and quality seal

Dealers are responsible for product safety

For products that meet these criteria, you can be pretty sure that they are safe. After all, who brings the goods on the market, is liable for product safety. Well-known manufacturers and distributors therefore have considerable self-interest in ensuring that the products they sell are also fine. but If you buy on the Internet, the person in charge is often in the dark. Amazon or Ebay for example, are often only as a sales platform. The dealer is different. This was confirmed by the NDR test: For four of the six offending LEDs those responsible could not be searched because they sit somewhere in China.

This issue does not, if one buys LEDs in established electronic market or in the supermarket. “The retail sector ensures that the products are tested,” said Ripperger. This increases safety tremendously. And if a trader established learns of dangerous deficiencies, he will recall the product in order to reduce his risk of liability. In NDR test the did only two importers based in Germany “Chilitec” and “Elba Electronic”.

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