How to Choose Earrings for Your Face

The earrings, this great accessory for a look sublime and illuminate our face. Still need to know the pick! If you hesitate between small chips or big hoops, do not panic. We all book you our good advice to choose your earrings depending on the shape of your face.

Question look, the accessories trends have an important place. If you want to be stylish, do not leave anything to chance. Neither your jewelry or your earrings. Then most difficult is to choose.

It’s simple: either we have the heart for a model, or we decide to select them according to the shape of our face. Why? Just to showcase!

Marilyn and Alexia, personal stylist and personal shopper, it’s all about harmony. We just respect the proportions of the face, ” if you have a large face, it is better to favor large earrings.Conversely, if you have a small face, small loops will be most appropriate, “they explain.

How to choose earrings: depending on face

As for choosing her hairstyle, better to know the shape of your face to know what puts us in value or not. Above all, watch your face. Rather oval, square or heart?

For expert designers Marilyn and Alexia, this is mainly to respect the proportions of the face to the size of the earrings to preserve a nice set. For the form, however, avoid at all costs to reproduce the face! This could accentuate more.

  • Earrings for round face? Look for dangling earrings, elongated and rather angular shapes.This form will refine your face without accentuate your features.

Drop Earring Maty, 29 €

  • Earrings for square face? Choose from round earrings with soft shapes. Size side, you can pretty much all afford, chips mini to cheap pearl earrings.

Pierced ears Agatha, 42 €

  • Earrings for oval face? Little slut, you can afford! If your face is a little long, however, sure to avoid too pendulous earrings not to amplify the magnitude of effect.

Earrings Histoire d’Or 89 €

  • Earrings for heart-shaped face? Emphasize the round shapes of earrings avoiding too long models.

Earrings Ginette NY, 330 €

  • Earrings for rectangular face? The rounded earrings are perfect to soften your facial features.

Earrings Caroline Najman 85 €

  • Side ear loops trends, below the lobe are everywhere and come in all models. One can choose the short, long and all colors.

Pierced ears Asos, 9.99 €

The shape of your earrings can also bring some impact to your style. Eg angular and geometric forms give a stronger image, perfect for a serious and professional look.

The rounded forms give softness. Associated with pearls or diamonds, they are perfect for a feminine and romantic look.

How to choose earrings: to highlight

Like all jewelry, earrings are ideal to enhance the face. They are supposed to make us enhance and brighten the complexion. For this, one can also choose according to our haircut, color, our look, etc.

“Choosing earrings depending on the haircut is actually a matter of style,” explains Marilyn and Alexia. The earrings are essential accessories for those with a short cut or when it was the hair up.They thus allow to draw attention to a detail or just to affirm its look.

Note however that those which complex! If you are not a fan of your ears, do not simply draw attention to this area. Instead, opt for other accessories (necklaces bracelets trends or colored) or prefer very small and discreet earrings.

Earrings Zara, € 12.95

Finally, the color of your earrings can play a role on your face. Indeed, some colors have the power to give you good looks while others can tarnish your complexion. Experiment to see what color suits you best!

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