How To Choose Bra Size

Almost all women have already become addicted to the bra , as well as giving a look up, giving a much more beautiful look, enhances the woman’s self-esteem.

But do you know how to choose the right bra size? Studies indicate that about 80% of women do not know how to buy this piece of underwear suitable for themselves , which ends up causing discomfort besides harming the look and causing posture problems, damaging the back, spine and shoulders. To help you clarify your doubts, in a How we will explain to you how to choose the bra size.

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1 Buying a bra can become a real challenge for women and even more so when brands use different numbers. The correct size bra is the one that gives comfort, support and has a good fit with the clothes. If you do not feel comfortable with your bra or you mark those fat ones too much, that may mean that you have chosen the wrong size or model for you.

2 Using a size below or above can cause pain and posture problems, as well as harming the look. Women who wear a bra a size below what they should, are subject to problems of column and even respiratory, given the compression of the diaphragm.

3 To know what your bra size should measure the back and the cup and find in the table that we provide your ideal size. To measure your back, you should place the tape measure just below the breasts and measure the circumference of your body. To measure the cup, you should place the tape measure around your back and breasts, at the height of the nozzle. After having these values, locate them in the table and see what your ideal bra size is. If for example your back measures 71 cm and the cup 87 cm, the size of your bra will be 40C.

4 Sizes A, B, C, D and DD correspond to the size of the cups. To use this table you should also measure the size of the back and cups. Understand the meaning of each letter:

Theglass A is indicated for women who have the most broad back relative to the numbering of the breasts. For example if you have a size 40 and a bosom of 38, then your size will be 40A.

Thecup B is indicated for women who have the same size back and breasts. If you have a back size and boobs of 40, then your size will be 40B.

Thecup C is indicated for women who have narrower backs regarding numbering of the breasts. If you have a size 40 back and size 42 breasts, then the right size will be 42C.

Thecup D is indicated for women with narrower back and breasts with two larger numbers regarding numbering. If you have size 44 backs and your size 48, the right size will be 44D.

TheDD cup is suitable for women with narrow backs and three-numbered breasts above numbering. If you have your back size 44 and your size 50, the right size will be 44DD.

Referring to Fig.

In addition to taking into account the size of the tables, be aware that the bra is wide or loose in the chest region. You may notice this when the lower part of the front appears a little from the breasts or, when the back is too up. You can do a test by placing your index finger between the bra strap on your chest and your skin, ideally you should feel a slight pressure on your finger, but not too much.

6 Another thing you should check when buying a bra are the straps. Contrary to what most women think, the bra straps are not meant to hold but rather to hold the bra in place. Therefore, if you have to tighten the handles too much, this may mean that this size is not the right one for you.

7 In addition to knowing how to choose the correct size bra, it is also important to choose the right fabric . You should opt for lightweight fabrics, such as microfiber, that allow perspiration.

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There are several types of bras and you should choose one depending on the size of your breasts and the function you want. The push-up bras are those that have give a greater volume and so are ideas for women with small and separate breasts. The swimmer type, which has a zipper at the front, can be used in both small and large breasts, but especially for the latter. The half-cup bra is ideal for women with medium or large breasts. The top bra can be used by all women and is ideal for exercising. The bra that will fall can be used by all women, but for those who have large breasts will need thicker sides.

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Hopefully with these tips now you can buy the correct bra