How to Choose Bicycle Lights

When you ignore the company, it is not pleasant. On the road it but dimness could cost them their lives. Not only because of the light belongs to the basic equipment The bike and definitely without it. On his choice, you should let the matter nearly as much as the selection of the wheel itself.

If you orientate in cycling jargon, possible for you to purchase bicycle lights like a walk in a Spanish village. You’ll need a guide.

When we go to the marrow, while riding his bike in the dark, even the simplest light still better than nothing. Sure but soon discover that driving without adequately strong and of good quality light will not bring too much pleasure, quite the contrary.


At selecting any bicycle accessories is always the most important babysit you make something not ground somewhere, netrčelo, obstructs, or lacked the like. Just beware of the correct dimensions. The same is true of external light. Beware that you actually fit on the handlebars, especially if you have the newest 35 mm diameter, curved frame and carbon fiber. If the light has the correct dimensions, you won the part. Give yourself but also depend on its assembly. If there is no reliable light mounted at the correct angle and additionally with each concussion changes its direction, obviously you do not just light the way most reliably.

How thick should it be?

Another important parameter is the power. It should be understood that values which are in connection with the performance of light in shops indicate valid only under ideal conditions. So in those where there is nothing that would hamper the battery and LED power (as it can, for example, overheating). In the real world performance is must Ö 30-40% lower.

You may be tempted to buy the strongest light on what you encounter. Strength is a good thing, but it is not everything that you would be interested. If you like up the hill and then embark schuss down the maximum power lights you use only occasionally. Can you during the ascent turned off to conserve battery at the moment when you whiz down the hill again. If you prefer the online store, will you throw a strong light all the time and long battery life is important.

The truth is that you have the most powerful light in the world, but if he allows the battery to operate only at 50%, perhaps better served by a weaker light that will go into overdrive. Too much light can be a disadvantage in the fog. His reflection is dazzle you so that you’re worse than a less powerful device. Light therefore not choose whichever is strongest, but that best matches your driving style.

Battery Life

Naturally, you want a battery that can handle even your longest drive and even left her a little extra for emergencies. If you love to go all the way, you’ll want a battery indicator that tells you how long it will last light shine. It is more reliable than mere emergency diodka who reports a low battery usually too late. Be sure that you can not light goodbye amid sliding down a steep slope, it is more than practical.

Type beam

Unearthly power batteries will not be useless when you select the right type of beam that meets your requirements and driving styles. Narrow beam spot is suitable for fast driving on the flat or for mounting on a helmet. Wider beam suited for slower driving more rugged terrain. There is thus put on the light, which can handle both. That it but it will cost a bit more money.

Individual light or all-in-one?

Light System all-in-one is currently a hit. Installation is simple, intuitive operation and design of a cleaner and more compact than that of light with a separate accumulator. But unfortunately, you can not attach to the helmet and in the long run has less chance of innovation than the traditional system.

On the helmet or on the handlebars?

Most of the lights offers two methods of installation. Which is better, it depends on the personal preferences of cyclists. But there are general “pros and cons”:

It’s a draw. The best solution is to have a light on both the handlebars and on the helmet. Even if it means to buy a cheaper alternative, they could afford both. Additionally, so you always have a backup in the event that one of the lights odporoučí.


Achieve functional interface subtle electronics and powerful batteries that can withstand mud, rain, extreme operating temperatures and possible impacts, it is not a simple task. Yet reliability is absolutely key parameter of light because its failure could have catastrophic consequences.

The good news is that most of the lights which are now on sale, you can count on. If you got something goes wrong, the easier it is to repair or replace agree with a large, proven companies than foreign internet marketer. But certainly not the things you do before buying a small Internet market research and compare in what price ranges are moving lights on the bike.

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