How to Choose and Wear Rings-A Guide For Men

We’ve talked here of watches, bracelets, scarves, hats, cuff links and tie fasteners, but even a subject still little explored in the channel with respect to Male male rings, an accessory that is received with reserve by most men, probably because many of them have doubts about choice and use of such item, so we’re going to the main issue:

Men Can Wear Rings?

And why not? We currently have hundreds of jewelry stores and even brands dedicated to jewelry making rings of the most varied styles and aimed at male audiences, one of them, the King Baby that had an article here about it, is the choice of many celebrities and rock stars.

The rings are part of male attire for a long time and in addition to serving only as an ornament, were also used as identification, and even working tool if we take into account the function of the Signet Ring,which circles the authentication seal in wax sealed up a document.

In my opinion there are 3 reasons for the resistance of the man about the ring:

  1. Lack of information sets;
  2. Lack of habit of wearing rings on a daily basis;
  3. Fear of the mockery of the less educated.

Solution: Information sets you will acquire over time, the usual you get with the use and friends morons you ignore!

Types Of Male Rings

We can separate the male rings using two criteria:


Choose the one you like material and fits in your pocket, just remember that the tone can be a barrier in time to match the type of clothing you choose.

the) Gold -currently are the most desired by both the high price and the visual too flashy yellow gold and Rosemary-lime gold, white gold, which already receives the addition of manganese or nickel to achieve that tone, has a nice visual, but like I said, it makes everybody think twice to see the numbers in the price tag. The purity of the material, being 24 carats (or 24 k) identification of the material more pure and decreasing as other metals entering the composition and leave the cheaper part.

  1. b) Silver–the most popular alternative to gold, but that is not always cheaper, because gold can be low-carat, silver tends to be fairly pure, still receives a small amount of copper alloy, which prevents the play scratch easily.The look of silver like in rings and makes the choice easier, it’s a lot easier to combine with the male clothing and accessories
  1. c) Platinum-loses to silver by having a similar visual, but being more expensive than gold, depending on your degree of purity (measured in the same way as the gold carats).Platinum has your precious metal status, is very pretty and even brighter than the silver, but becomes prohibitive for those with a limited budget.
  1. d) Stainless Steel– is the cheap alternative to metals, since it has a look that impresses and has gained prominence in men’s jewelry.The purer steel is that known as surgical steel; beautiful and highly resistant to corrosion, it is considered hypoallergenic, but the addition of manganese or nickel to your composition may cause allergy in case he suffers some risk and the chrome layer hardness cie is taken.

and) Titanium-your original color looks like silver, but can be dyed to be black or shades of copper and gold. Is extremely durable, hard to be eroded and hypoallergenic. Despite the price a little steep, walk between the market earned male audience, especially on black version.

  1. f) Tungsten–is a sturdy metal in shiny silver tone and even denser than steel or titanium.Its original form is a powder, just need other alloys to achieve the ideal point for making jewelry and color shift, which keeps him from being hypoallergenic.
  1. g) Palladium-depending on how the stocks of this metal it can be cheaper than Platinum, with a visual result very similar and even lighter, however your durability not equals.
  1. h) Ceramics– don’t expect a rustic visual here, actually what is a ceramic powder that can takesilicon carbide and tungsten carbide. After done, the article cannot be changed, so little scratched, but it can be broken if the correct force is applied. In some cases the visual is clear and bright, like silver. Are becoming popular due to the low price and the fact that they are hypoallergenic.
  1. f) Wood-win fans by visual and natural part of your handmade creation, some are made with recycled wood from old skateboards or something.Usually has value accessible, but they are not very durable because it scratches easily and chip fought against something hard.
  1. g) Resin-are a cheap way to produce rings, as well as open up a range of possibilities of color and shape, yet has a little noble and combine only with more casual attire.


Here the most important choice: what will be the format of the piece you will use? Here are some most common styles:

the) Rocker

Skulls, spikes, eagles, snakes and crosses will combine very well with that your t-shirt, jeans and biker style boot destroyed or military. The rocker-style rings are among the easiest to find and can be made of silver, steel and resin.

B) Rustic

These go well with the lumberjack look or something more geared toward outdoor activities, are usually of steel, silver or wood and appear to be made by hand or with some old technique means rudimentary.

C) Geometric

Give prominence to a geometric shape or use several of them to create a recognizable design. Are a good choice for urban and modern look most of the time.

D) With Stone

Are the choice harder, as they call a lot of attention, but if you have style can use them peacefully, I’ve seen guys completely tattooed with this kind of ring and was very good.

And) With Arabesques, Celtic Patterns, Runes Etc.

Are characterized by intricate designs that make the piece look old because they are typical adornments from the middle ages or even earlier than that time. Also has appeal, but like your rocker to a wider audience, especially those who are looking for detailed parts and look like they have left in a treasure chest!

F) Flat/Minimalist

Some are simple as alliances, others have a flat part like one day there had been set a stone or seal, combine with almost everything because they are very simple and neutral.

G) Nautical

Here abound the anchors, ropes, wind roses, ships, sails and all sorts of references to the sea and sailors. Despite the specific theme, some people use even with a suit, because the masculinity of the symbols ends up giving a free pass to this accessory on a daily basis.

How To Use Male Rings?

1- The rule to match other accessories like shoes and belt, you worry about “married” the materials if the outfit is formal, the more casual, less need to match the color of the metal, i.e. If the suit, it is desirable that the orne with ring watch, if you’re a t-shirt and jeans can use a wooden ring with a canvas strap watch , for example.

2- Materials such as wood and resin are more suitable for a casual look, to follow formal costumes the noble metals are the best choice.

3- Use many rings in one hand is a dangerous choice, but not impossible, some people hold the style, but I advise you to start with one and only add more when you are sure of your choices;

4- To use more than one ring try to combine some characteristic in common as the metal type, format, style, or adornments.

5- The proportion also matter: small hand = thin rings and discreet, big hand = big and thick rings.

6- When using suit focus on number 1:1 clock, 1 bracelet and ring 1, no more than that. This minimalism is synonymous with elegance.

7- In casual combo watch exaggeration, many rings and bracelets can make you look like a Christmas tree, before leaving the House to evaluate if there is something that can be deleted.

Care Before Purchasing:

1- If you buy over the internet to know the extent of your fingers, many rings do not allow adjustments;

2- Know if you are allergic to certain metal before using it or opt for hypoallergenic;

3- If you’re right-handed know that use rings that hand could disrupt some tasks, scratching objects, etc., it is best to use the tool in the other hand or take it out when it is run some muscle activity. The same goes for lefties, of course;

4- Check the composition of precious metals at the time of purchase, you may be taking a gold or silver ring with many other metals mixed by a very high price;

5- If you play the guitar better let the rings on his right hand!; P