How to Choose an Engagement Ring

Many women dream of the day when their man will one knee for an application magical wedding. But the fairy tale may soon face a nightmare if the engagement ring is not up to par.

Here are some tips for choosing the engagement ring that will fly.

The lonely, timeless engagement ring

If he had to choose only one engagement ring in the history of French jewelery, solitaire happen probably in pole position. Admittedly, this diamond mounted on a ring – usually gold – is often the most beautiful effect on the finger of the bride and does not fail to shine his eyes misty with emotion. For added effect, it is also possible to opt for assisted loner, he will be accompanied by smaller diamonds at his side, or the trilogy, that is to say, three diamonds of the same size.

The engagement ring with sapphire

If the diamond is intended to be the most often preferred stone by the groom, nothing prevents to deviate from tradition by choosing another gem . Besides being less agreed, this type of jewelry is also more colorful. And in recent years, sapphire seems to have the wind in their sails, surely thanks to the famous Ring Lady Di that now bears the princess Kate Middleton. Symbol of faithfulness, sapphire can claim to be the gemstone most sold worldwide.

The engagement ring with emerald

Green is the symbol of hope but also of fertility. Suffice to say that engagement ring mounted an emerald portends a bright future. The majority of these jewels are cut rectangular or octagonal way to offer them a better impact resistance. Indeed, the emerald is one of the most fragile gems. So this engagement rings rather impressive.

The engagement ring with ruby

Did you know that Ruby is even more valuable than diamonds? This gem, extremely rare, symbolizes passion and happiness, but its cost is not accessible to all budgets.This type of exceptional model goes particularly well with rings in white or rose gold .It is also possible to combine the gemstone with diamonds for a two-tone look more beautiful effect. Crimping type then bring the engagement ring a touch of modernity or, on the contrary, fully fit in the tradition.

What metal for the ring?

Yellow gold, white gold, platinum, rose gold … It’s a matter of taste! To enhance a precious stone, it is better sometimes to refer to the tips of the jeweler. Some women show a preference for one type of metal often for aesthetic reasons. If this is the case, it is preferable not to attempt to change. Note, however, that these different metals have different properties. Thus, white gold requires regular rhodium plating of jewelery . Platinum, he is more scratch resistant, but it is also more expensive to buy.