How to Choose a Sports Bra Size

To choose our BRA, we will have to take a tape measure and will take two basic steps:

1 bust

2 chest

The measure is number one, that of the chest, which will determine your bra size (this will be a number) and the measured two, the bust, which will determine the size of your Cup (this will be a letter).

To know your talla(el número) you will take the measure just below your chest and have to sums 15 to that figure. For example imagine that your chest contour are 80 cm, your bra size would be the 95.

80 + 15 = 95

Now we are going to measure the contour of bust. To this figure, we imagine that it is 100 cm, you will subtract the CM we have chest. Following the example it would be:

100 – 80 = 20

If the difference between these two measures is less than 12, our Cup and for each three centimetres difference, we add a letter. In the case of the example would have a C or D Cup depending on the BRA manufacturer (that is very important to try on the garment).

12 or less A Cup

15 Cup B

18 Cup C

21 Cup D

24-Cup E

27 Cup F

30 Cup G

For A and B cups the most adequate to hold is the compression into the chest. From the Cup C onwards, it is advisable to make the subject by wrapping each breast separately. This will make you feel safer and more comfortable.

Despite measuring its size, do not give to try on the sports bra before buying it, because there are other factors you have to take into account the type of closure straps, fabric, seams… go comfortable.

Strapless widths, are ideal for people with large Cup because besides not nailed, spread the weight and improve the clamping gaining comfort.

There are different types of closures that range from classic brackets to zippers and can go forward in the chest or back in the back. Personally the front closure result me most uncomfortable, it will be lack of custom, but they don’t like me too.

Back swimmer or cross straps, fasteners are those who think more comfortable and appropriate for my type of chest, since they allow me freedom of movement and maximum restraint. But you know, tastes there’s nothing written, so I advise you once more before you buy your sports bra, you can try it and notes that it fits you and your needs.
If you’ve been wanting to know more about fasteners that are not specific to sport, I recommend that you go through the blog of Lady Panda which has a very good input on this topic.