How to Choose a Shirt that Fits

A new tutorial on how to choose and wear a shirt …

There are some days, we published a comprehensive guide on the shirt , along the relatively sudden.

So we thought that one format video on the shirt in Opelikafashion would be very complementary.

Of course, it’s hard to say in less than 5 minutes, then so we opted for brevity to keep in mind the essential tips for choosing a shirt.

With, as always, a selection of our favorite brands at the end of episode …

Some developments: over menswear, slightly fewer valves …

You will see in this new episode we have considered your comments, even if everything is still not perfect.

We reduced the valves (what do you want, JP is such a live wire now: /) and began inserting shots out of the current setting to let breathe the video.

Our illustrations will gain strength as you go.

And if you want to see the episode on the tips to choose jeans to verify that advanced in the right direction, it’s here .

We also made some improvements on the light and sound.

But the real change will be in the 4th episode of the Good Look! Since we made some technical changes by switching to a variable focal length (24 * 70 for connoisseurs) versus the wide angle of the first 3 episodes.

It is hoped that the realization will gain.

Yes, on Youtube, even if he never let that take precedence over substance, form always important.

In any case, we are delighted that the initiative excites you. We will try to go to a product increasingly led to As one develops the chain, in varying formats and themes.

Feel free to continue commenting on Youtube or here to give us your opinion, your desires of themes to or ask questions “advice menswear”. We are always happy to refer, reassure or just help you on your choice of outfits.

Thank you for your support and see you soon!