How to Choose a Rain Jacket

The rain always prompt, at a time to another, in one trip. Whatever the place and practice weekend in Copenhagen or hike on the GR5, you are not immune to the small passing shower or thunderstorm with thick drops. In all cases, the rain jacket is an essential movement. Which one to choose ? Expert advice.

The first question to ask is the temperature Are You in urban territory, in temperate countries, in Stockholm, in the Moroccan Atlas? The second is related to the field: what activity are you going to practice? “In choosing a lightweight jacket for men, according to mensjacketsstore, the real difference is in the static or active use you make of it,” says Camille Miquerol, product manager, “if you are active, you need breathability, so choose a waterproof and breathable membrane type Gore-Tex or Climactive. The outer fabric of the jacket will determine the look, outdoor or urban. The membrane inside, that which makes the protection of work is the same! “.
In the summer hiking, there is such a minimalist style, Shift, without thermal insulation. It is light, practical since it fits into the bag, rolls and forgets quickly. As soon as the first drops, it is more useful, especially as its cut leaves a lot of freedom in the movements to keep walking. “Lightweight, versatile, it leaves the choice of the thickness of the insulation to be used below,” said Camille, “for example, was, it is used as is, while in winter can add a pole.This really is the jacket for active use. ” The Fastrack Loft model has him, an inner Primaloft insulation, this quick-drying cotton, compactable and hot.

For urban areas, prefer “a jacket with two layers of the lining, it will have a thicker fabric, more opulent and less sporty look,” says Camille, “the black version Shift jacket is ideal for spring while Hudson parka that corresponds to the cold weather with a comfortable thick protective. ”

The secret of micro-perforations

How does a waterproof membrane? How can a fabric block the water? This is actually the membrane bonded to the fabric, which acts as a barrier between water from the sky and skin. “Micro-perforated membrane lets out water vapor generated by your body active (and which the drops are smaller), without letting the rain to larger drops of water as the liquid state,” says Camille. The amount and size of pinholes will play on the waterproofing performance, measured in Schmerber. “In 2000, it is already good for most purposes, 5000 is a base to go play outside and from 10 000, we enter the realm of performance. It is in the boating standards are higher, “said Camille,” and is inspired for the outdoors. “

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