How to Choose a Proper Sports Bra

In order to preserve the nice shape breasts, they need good support, and more importantly, they need to be in sports. At that time, not only faces breast own weight, but they also act on other forces – such as movement up and down and from side to side. Selection of sports bras should therefore pay sufficient attention to, because otherwise it may be uncomfortable exercise. If your breasts in sports clogs and hurts, it’s definitely a sign that you need a new and better sports bra.

1: When a sports bra essential?

Whether it is sports bra is necessary or not depends mainly on the type of sport, which she plays. If it is quieter and terms regarding the movement of the entire body, less intense sport such as walking, pilates, yoga, cycling along cycle routes or workouts with dumbbells, may not be real sports bra is necessary and classic bra is sufficient – but of course be sure to choose a bra in which the skin can breathe (without pads), which is not too tight (if necessary choose bra whalebone supporting cups).

For skiing, skating and other sports in which the breasts move more sports bra recommended, but still it is not necessary – it depends mainly on the size of your breasts.

For the types of exercises that are high intensity and involve a lot of jumping and quick movements, you need a sports bra in any case. Examples of such sports as running, aerobics and other types of cardio exercises with music, mountain biking and downhill mountain biking .. .

 2: Different types of sports bras

When it comes to sports bras, most of us imagine a bra that is very similar to the classic undershirt, except that ends below the breasts. These types of sports bras are suitable for women with small breasts, with cup sizes A or B. They really like the abbreviated T-shirts, but have wider shoulder straps, and their task is to press down gently chest to chest, and in this way they easily stop jumping.

Women with cup sizes C need a different type of bra that not only breasts pressed against his chest, but it has cups designed to be conceived at the same time each breast separately. It is usually provided on the front side neck, which is not simply rounded as shirts, but has a center which is a little more pronounced (see that the front portion is comprised of right and left parts that are connected to each other). Good fixation of each breast separately can also be achieved by another type of tissue in place where it is needed a larger clamping.

Women with larger breasts need bra that resembles classical bra – a bra that is made up of two completely separate parts on the front side – at least in respect of bottom material, but can through it have an upper layer which again resembles the appearance of T-shirts. Each breast support and particularly requires relatively high and closed cups can ensure that it will not move excessively.

3: Choice of materials

In recent years, sportswear produced usually from functional materials. Even ten years ago, it was constantly told that cotton is the best choice for sports activities because it is breathable and does not irritate the skin, but cotton has one disadvantage: it absorbs sweat, which means that we are at a sporting wet – it is not only inconvenient, but also it poses a risk of colds. Modern synthetic materials for sports allow regular removal of sweat from the body and skin. Even the sports bra is usually made from materials that take care of the moisture, but the compromise is necessary (especially for large breasts): bra made of materials that provide the best moisture management, are usually worse in terms of support, while stronger and thicker materials unfortunately not best serve as regards moisture.

4: Clothes and shape of the rear part

Hangers sports bras should be sufficiently broad and soft, that does not cut into your shoulders, so that they can be substantiated. It is best if straps are not too flexible, because that means less support, so you can choose a bra with straps that do you extend, but for which you can set the length (this is especially important for large breasts).

Hangers should not be so long or made of a material such that slipping of the arms.

Bra, behind which look like undershirts, can provide less support than those that have straps on his back in the shape of X or Y.

5: Switching?

Simple sports bras for smaller breasts generally worn over the head, but it means that they are more extensible, so support is not that good. They are suitable for smaller breasts and sports, which have a lower intensity or for which the breasts move less. Sports bras for intense exercise and bigger breasts should have proper closure – with a wide belt under the bust, which has three to four loops or hooks switching. It also helps you easily change the strap, but remember that it depends on a significant portion of the aid.

  6: The right size

Women often wear bras that they do not fit – the shape of the breast can be quite different, and regardless of the same circumference under the breasts and across the chest. It is important to find a bra that fits you best and only way to do this is to try bra before you buy it.

At the beginning try the bra size you usually use. When you dress it, slide a finger under the strap under her breasts. Push your finger away from the body – the tape will not allow it to drag on for more than two centimeters. Bras that are closing, first turn on the first hook and after the test is if necessary tighten more tightly, thus shorten the belt. If you need to turn your bra hooks smallest size, then it is likely that you will fall even smaller size bra.

When you’re wearing a racerback sports bra on Janesportsbra, raise your hands high above his head. In case that the tape slides on your chest, is to find this bra too wide.

And what cup size? When you have a bra wearing, you need to feel comfortable embrace of your breasts (tighter than in ordinary bras) and breasts should be slightly pressed against your body, but it should not be too tight – still you need to be able to inhale deeply. If the breasts are fully compressed or squeezed at the edges of the bra, the bra is too small. If you like intense exercise, take a test in a few quick clicks booths for body and hops. If the breasts move too much, then the cups are too big – breast tissue will be protected and your ligaments will stretch, which means that your breasts are sagging faster.

Make sure your bra fits well in terms of cleavage in the armpit. Again there should not be too tight.

 7: Caring

Sports bras are made of modern synthetic materials that are flexible, so they need to be washed at low temperatures so as to not destroy the elastic fibers and that bra lose their elasticity. The wash Do not use bleach or harsh cleaners as they may affect the fibers, and avoid using fabric softeners because they can remain on the fabric after washing and thereby hinder the efficient removal of moisture (for people with sensitive skin, it can also cause irritation).

Sports bra not dry in the dryer, because the high temperature destroys the structure during drying.

If you notice that your bra longer hold its shape, that of the elastic fibers begin to stick and that is looser or during exercise longer hold the breasts in place, it is time to get rid of it and buy a new one.

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