How to Choose a Leather Motorcycle Jacket

The type of leather jacket

Leather is a material that exists in various characteristics, the reason for the class into three categories:
-The crust: a jacket split leather motorcycle is little strong, but the price is not very high. It is inside the skin of the animal.
-The corrected grain: it has the distinction of being sanded, it removes all impurities.
-The full flower: full bloom is by far the best leather that exists. She is very strong indeed and able to keep an “excellent mine” for many years, provided of course to be well maintained.

The selection criteria for a motorcycle jacket leather
Like all clothing, it is important to consider certain criteria when choosing a jacket leather motorcycle. It must first check what their safety means (linings, reinforcements ….) as well as comfort. Rain resistance and storage space such as pockets also play an essential role. Then there are more than define the style jacket from (for walks, for sports …).

The maintenance of a leather motorcycle jacket
Based on, a leather motorcycle jacket is easy to maintain since you have to wipe gently with soapy water and a sponge. Attention, it is important not to the switch machine as this could damage it, a simple sun drying is perfect. It is nevertheless possible to remove the protections and linings

That it’s good to be a biker, winding roads hair to the winds on a motorcycle who snores of power. Nice feel to take offshore, alone or accompanied on his mount, showing the limits of speed and strutting in his beautiful biker leather jacket. But you don’t have to be a biker to enjoy the elegance and the quality of jackets of this material. This garment is a classic that reinvents itself every year to adapt to all the trends and all body types.

However enjoy the quality and the touch of his leather jacket to well maintain it to keep its quality on a daily basis. So the question is to know how to properly maintain your jacket?

How to care for your leather jacket

Be it said, whether it is your belt, your jacket or your handmade leather bag not need to be a biker to enjoy the comfort and the quality of this material. You must feed it in depth to keep the same aspect of the early days. The jacket is daily in contact with external attacks either watered evenings or the elements of daily life. Keep the shape and the original color of his clothes to take with simple techniques.
Seal fat is an ideal solution that has been tested. This fat is in any good Shoemaker or on the internet. Two to three treatments of your leather during the year will do the trick for you must know that the leather does not much like water. Avoid strongly put it completely in the water and simply interested in tasks. More the best is to leave it in the open air on a hanger and avoid putting it into a ball.
More you take care of your jacket, longer you will keep a quality garment to highlight all of your outfits.

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