How to Choose a Faucet

water inlet valve designed to provide living quarters although water what extent the change in prices of these products is so great that it is impossible to determine immediately what criteria govern purchase faucet water can be ranked first, material from which often these products are made from chrome steel or brass, but occasionally appears cheap metallized plastic.



Do not relate to matters related to the economy, because the water faucet called to serve for many years and provide you with a comfortable delivery. Plastic can very quickly get out of order because the material is relatively fragile.


Most durable and long-lasting water faucet is made of brass. Ultimately, this material does not corrode, very durable and has high aesthetic characteristics.


Water inlet valve can be divided by type mixers standard classical model with two valves.

Tweens, but the most popular are mixers with rotating their grip advantages are that these crane ah do not break valves, seals are much longer and make crane and most models mixer water faucet s with buttons, but the system chosen few because not all users know how to use them.


The right choice for the tap in the bathroom reflects much: convenience of use, frequency of replacement of parts and saving water. They can be divided into two groups: a lever.


Single lever mixers can be a ball or ceramic patrons. Thanks to its design makes it very easy to connect and disconnect himself crane, set the desired temperature, and you can do with a hand. Installed water temperature will remain unchanged even when you turn the tap. Mixers are versatile: pressure power and water temperature is controlled by an advantage-lever mixers is significant water savings that can be cut in one swift movement lever design is very reliable.


Twin valve equipped with two special valves: cold and hot water, which has temperature regulation water advantage the double valve is lower cost and ease of repair.