How to Choose a Dress Shirt

In the past, fashion was considered as interest only to women. But nowadays a lot of men have shown their interest in men’s fashion. In any male wardrobe attend shirts, sweaters, vests, a jacket and a standard male dress shirt. This article will give you some easy tips on how to recognize the perfect man’s shirt. Quality men’s shirt may know her by three main factors collar plate on the back buttons.

One of the most prominent elements of a shirt collar it is.There are several different types of collars attached, collar with buttons to tie, club and most – popular classic collar. The width of the collar influences optically and the silhouette. Therefore, perhaps the most offered shirts with classic collar, this type of collar will transmit izdalzhenost face and neck. It’s good to follow the rule when wearing a tie, shirts with – wide collars respectively with – thick and large bathroom. Shirts with a classic collar respectively to put a tie with – small bathroom. Collar has no intermediate lining loses its shape, it talks about not quality men’s shirt. Can easily find out whether the shirt has a collar is a type or not. Hold the collar on both sides and you will feel the absence or presence of this intermediate lining. With respect to the collar and cuffs, if there are wrinkles or bubbles that says that fusible material is not quality or that are not properly constructed. PCB on the back is not at all important. When you purchase a shirt note of this element. The board must be sewn in between the threads and the fabric does not run horizontally and slightly diagonally. This is especially important if the shirt with stripes. Another important element of the shirt are buttons. They are one of the things that are easily seen. The buttons on quality shirts are made of natural nacre. To check whether buttons are made of natural pearl them in turn to sunlight, he turns various highlights. There are also quite common buttons made of eco-pearl, it also shines, but without shades. It is important for quality shirt buttons are stitched well and no protruding threads. When you buy a shirt choose fabric that is ironed easily because maintenance is just as important as the production of the shirt.

Clothes can also be bright and colorful, not to be limited in dull and dark colors, but before you buy any color shirt you start from the white and blue. They will look good with almost any combination of colors. The shirt is not at all boring or formal dress. You can wear it in several ways to your vision and style of dress. Choose your quality dress shirts at, to differentiate from the carrier about men with shirts.

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