How to Build a Grandfather Clock


Wood craftsmen always engage in the production of watches, and in particular of the outside commonly referred to as “cash”. If, therefore, we too have the hobby of tinkering, we can build a grandfather clock by following very specific guidelines that indicate in detail, how to make this classic and functional piece of furniture.

You need

Be sure to have on hand:

  • Wooden tablets
  • Finishing coatings
  • Pendulum quartz movement
  • 1.5 volt battery
  • Glass for door
  • Moulding
  • Glass round dial
  • Dial press
  • Various implements

To build a grandfather clock, this is why we need wooden tablets, a frame to create the door and all the materials needed to finish the structure when it is ready. Crucial are the aniline leather, varnish or shellac and alcohol, if we opted for a polishing pad, then for a classic timepiece.

As for the functional part, namely to create the watch, then maybe you need a mechanism which can be bought in a store that sells quartz materials and supplies for watchmakers, can read is only time that play. Obviously this is an electric mechanism that once accompanied by Dial and hands, can be inserted into the wooden case and exposed in the living room to make her beautiful figure. Below your chest about how to achieve it, and then we describe in the next step, we’ll worry about instead of the clock meant as machinery. For the case, after creating a sort of wood block, with the auctions we will realize the frame then we set to the structure with the hinges, and finally we accompany a glass. After having finished the outside as best we like, so with the aforementioned pad or polishing wax, we can put aside and devote ourselves to creating the clock to place inside.

Having already provided the machinery including pendulum and running with a 1.5 Volt battery, the important thing to do is to make the face. The options in this case are two, namely that it is drawn to love freedom, or print it from the web based on the magnitude that we need, and then paste it underneath a glass conveniently made circular shape to a glazier. An alternative although quite elaborate, using Arabic or Roman numerals transferable type. Once the dial, we just have to fix the quartz movement at the center of the dial with the special threaded insert, then add the hands and the pendulum, and finally hide on the back of the case the speaker for the ring tone if of course we opted for this solution.