How To Bring The Over-The-Knee Boots, Without Dying In The Attempt To

I love the boots Over-the-knee (OTK for the friends). Give rollazo to almost any look, Stylize (against what many people believe) and sexy to raging. But is this last, which makes them a double-edged weapon: and is that, if you use them wrong, you can finish in Vivian Ward, but Richard Gere converted to pay the lujerios.

So if you’re that is behind some OTK, but dare not put them or do not know how or with what, here are a few tips:

-A Search Of Your Size: Not all legs are equal and therefore the width of the boot must be proportional to the size of our thigh. It is just as bad to take them too big, since wrinkled are horrible, too small, the effect morcillero with the muslamen pressure, apart from ugly, is torture.

-Compensates For Proportions: As I said at the beginning, these boots are dangerous. We must try to wear loose clothing to balance the look. They are perfect partners the trenchs, maxijerseis, dresses setenteros, layers, or asymmetric garments.

-Less Is More: Boots are already quite striking on their own, as to have to supplement them with more things. I recommend not to abuse props and enhance, rather than reload.

-Better In Short Distances: If going to wear with the skirt, instead of with a skinny jeans, and not want to take half black, try to the end of the boot and the skirt almost touched, or better yet, that the boot is a little below. A very common mistake is to leave too hollow, which makes that in addition to thigh optically much more bandwidth, is very ordinary.

-Black And Matt: If what you want is to make them the most (and nor do I want to buy tropencientos models), I recommend you apostéis by a black and be, Matt. Since in addition to combine better with everything, the lack of brightness styled much more, than if the finish was, for example, patent leather.

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