How to Assemble Bike Chain

How to ride a bike chain SRAM PowerLock with a quick coupler? What tools, what method? Council factsheet and tools!

Install the bike in a bike stand to have the part of the right height for transmission work.

Two methods are available to you:

  • The first is very simple, just take the old chain, lay it on the ground, put the new door and reduce the new so it has the same number of membered than the old.
  • For initial setup, adjust the length of the chain having taken care to read any instructions provided by the manufacturer derailleur or chain.

Wrap the chain directly around the largest sprocket and the largest chainring (Bypassing the derailleur pulleys). This defines a first length. To this add a link + 1 PowerLock. Either two dimensions of links that give the final length of the chain. Mark the spot in order to remove the remaining surplus.

Please have a chain tool.

Trim excess links with the chain tool by expelling one of the fuse connecting the links. Warning pose future PowerLock link requires having two surfaces (ends) identical. If the length does not fall on an identical surface to the first, extend from one link.

  • Up Close!
  • The two remaining ends.
  • Pass the string inside the rear derailleur rollers
  • Balancing the chain
  • Take PowerLock link
  • To insert the link properly use pliers to hold the chain.
  1. Hook both ends of the chain with the pliers.
  2. Position thereof in the extremities.One the left side of the chain and one on the right.
  3. The axis of one is received in the wide portion of the other.You will need to tighten the clamp in order to insert them into the housing

Once this is done remove the clamp. The bicycle lights include, but are not clipper and permanently in place.

To clipper / implement them permanently links, positioning the clip PowerLock on the part of the chain located above the bases. Holding the wheel with one hand and strongly act reproducing the pedaling motion with the other hand. You’ll hear a clip that attaches meaning PowerLock just closed and put in place.

Alternatively, you can lock the rear brake pads on the lever with one hand and press hard on the pedal by reproducing the pedaling motion with the other hand.

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