How to Apply False Eyelashes: Learn the Tips and Tricks

The effect is exciting, but the time of the application is a real challenge for those who have not ventured into the world of false eyelashes. Carolina Bicudo, professional makeup artist with experience in fashion weeks and fashion editorials, revealed his tricks at the time to put this beauty accessory and what needs to be done so he wouldn’t take off during the night. Follow step by step and win a powerful look that resists enough for any occasion

Learn to prepare the lashes before applying ensures the ideal outcome

The makeup artist reveals that the first step is to measure the Cilia in the eye: “as they are standardized, everything must go from the sides or stay too long,” he says. When this happens, the only way is to cut and Pro revealed that has a few tricks not to miss at this time: “always cut the leftovers on the outside and finishing be more stretched at the end giving that up in his eyes, then I place the scissors at an angle “teaches.

In addition to the lashes themselves, it is important to pay attention to that part which will be glued on rubberized lid. In almost all brands there are options of these transparent and black ribbons, serving respectively for those who are looking for a smooth effect or more defined. The same goes for the glue-black leaves a subtle shadow by selecting the root of the eyelashes and white are transparent when dry and leave the visual light.

The secret to keep the lashes longer is on

Not to end the night with the eyelashes out of place ruining the entire look, the secret lies in choosing the right glue, that needs to be of good quality and waterproof. “You have to have a lot of security in the glue and apply the correct amount,” says Carolina. To find out if hit on quantity, the makeup artist says the liquid fillet applied close to the lashes cannot be not too thin and not overflowing at the fringes.

Once you find the right amount, you must wait until the glue win a consistency more tight, which according to professional takes less than a minute: “I can’t tell the time, but I usually leave about 20 seconds to apply the eyelashes,” he says.

Learn how to make a professional application

When you feel that the glue is on the right spot, Carolina positions the eyelashes with a clamp and fix in the eyes with a simple brush eyeliner that she separated only for this purpose following “Rather than trying to paste him hunched over, apply the tape straight-as they are already a bit rounded, will fit naturally to the shape of the eyes”, reveals the expert.

To finish, the makeup artist advises you to wait a little longer to make sure the glue dried up:”do the makeup of the eye before, apply the false eyelashes and then I will make the skin-like the right time,” he says. When you finish all the makeup, it’s time to get back to the eyelashes to gently apply Eyelash curler: “do little pressure just enough to unite more natural and artificial eyelashes,” says Carolina, which ends production with the application of the mask to keep things uniform.

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