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How Many Smart Water Bottles Should I Drink a Day

Significant amount of Kickstarter projects and more people behind them are intoxicated by the idea of everything in our lives to be “smart”. To date we have smart locks, stoves, ovens, kettles and as you can and make sure the shared project – bottles. The truth is that you just have to add to an object Bluetooth and you can do it the smart one. Even the potato.

Essentially, we are talking about a bottle that with perseverance persistently reminds us that we must drink water, then in the meantime and its consumption. Smart bottle has a “hydrating goal,” to be always achieved by the owner.

But he knows the bottle itself that the quantity of water that must accept a person depends on its weight, its levels of physical activity and temperature, which grows?

Luckily everyone one time or another was hit by something called “thirst”.

For the record, smart bottle to be refilled and will cost $40 more than standard glass bottles.

A sufficient amount of users but apparently they like the idea. In which, of course, there is nothing wrong.

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