Hippie Style Bikinis

Hippie fashion comes from the 70s, and it has crossed the times, always brought up to date. The hippie style, this is not only a wide pants and a colorful shirt. Today, we can cultivate a hippie style into her bikini! For summer 2016, here is a selection of swimwear in hippie style coming straight from our site !

Today I offer you a selection of swimwear –like hippie. But that’s not all! I also offers an assortment of accessories and parts beachwear to complete your beach look! You’ll see, you’ll be able Blime-!

The psychedelic hippie style

Not need a lot of accessories, this swimsuit flashy at bikiniwill.com does all the work! We love hippie style is a little psychedelic and very flashy!

Our opinion:

+: The one piece intake immediately a touch of elegance to this dress fancy. We must focus on minimalism since the mass color dress you in a snap

-: This swimsuit in hippie style is colorful, you have loved and especially daring to wear. The goal is not to look like cotton candy. For those who like the style of Emmatika but want something a little more discreet I suggest you go watch collection in 2016!

The romantic hippie style

I do not know you, but I’m an eternal romantic. I like pink, sequins and looks rather girly! At the same time I have a special attraction for the looks vintage . The swimwear high panties and 1 piece bustiers j “love it! Okay, so here’s a look at hippie style very girly. The swimsuit comes to us straight from Luli Fama 2016 and it is really hot…

Our opinion:

+: This swimsuit is atypical! Luli Fama is a brand that likes to mix styles and the result is often very nice. One thing is certain, you will not see a girl with the same style as you!

-: You must love the fringes and it bothers you do not tan a little less in places where they fall. It is right in the hippie style , are you a true fan?

The hippie style Sportswear

I think you now all know the brand of swimwear Seafolly? No?

Well, for latecomers, it is a brand that comes straight from Australia and offers colorful patterns, trends, sportswear accents. The muse of the collection in 2016 was none other than Gigi Hadid! Yes you know, girlfriend Kendall Jenner.

The team Carla-Bikini cracked a bikini triangle orange (or it could be trend) that reminds us of the 70s look so…

Our opinion:

+: This jersey is just top. Not too eccentric, precisely dosed with a touch of sexy. The little look that the team Carla Bikini offers is (not boast) really really hot!

-: There are none! haha This swimsuit is not likely to displease you. The only negatives would be its form: everyone can not wear a triangle bikini . It must still be noted that bikinis triangles Seafolly are equipped with small pads that keep your chest.

The hippie islands

The hippies take the plane and go to a destination a little more exotic ! It offers a look at hippie style that really feels the holidays, you’ll love it! Here is a model of the collection PilyQ 2016 that will please you! Ruffles, floral prints in hippie style and sexy look: it’s the perfect combination for a vacation! Therefore offers a hippie style with bohemian influences mixed with a touch of the exotic : not bad mix?

Our opinion:

+: It is a style that appeals in general! You’ll look like a small Indian came from the 70s! Mixing colors is harmonious and makes all easy to wear

-: Everybody can not wear the swimsuit bandeau. This is a special form! It should not have too busty or it may not get you going.

The hippie style on the beach

Here is a look a little younger and fun! You know all the brand Banana Moon? Well, well, this year the brand offers us this beautiful model bandeau black with fringe ! We love the paces hippies it gives the shirt! With this bikini, the Carla-Bikini Team offers thongs Amazonas. Ecological and recycled they come straight from Brazil! They are very comfortable and colorful, I’m sure you’ll love it! Here we are on the line Fun Doll.

Our opinion:

+: Simple but effective this trendy look will seduce your surroundings and make your girlfriends drool with envy!

-: The black is a bit bland for a swimsuit, there are some who prefer the colors! Again, the band does not go to everyone, pay attention to your body.

Hippie style in white

For the latter we look continues with Banana Moon 2016! Well, I agree it is downright drifts bohemian style but then we liked is the fact you share! This triangle swimsuit is a killer! Associated with the jewelry C’cédille, thongs Batucada and a small effect hat hook you’ll make a killing!

Our opinion:

+: Simple and sleek but containing small touches of color: this is what characterizes this  swimsuit. We can say that it is a safe bet!

-:  The beige-white does not go to everyone! If you have very fair skin, be blonde, etc … it is better to opt for another color because it does not put you in value.

So then, ready to Become a Hippie this summer? Seriously, who has seduced you? I already know what I’m going to buy but I’m curious for you!

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