Heart Disease In Pregnancy

The Pre Christmas Is Very Important In The Life Of The Pregnant Woman, Especially Ifthere Are Complications Such As A Heart Disease.

Heart disease in gravidezComo is treated to heart disease in pregnancy? When a woman gets pregnant, all your body passes the work depending on the baby-in-training, who will be developing in your womb for nine months before your birth. During this period, one of which passes through a large increase of activities is theheart, pumping more blood and fluids that are critical during the gestation period.

According to babyinger,  when this occurs the pregnant woman who suffer with some kind of heart disease end up developing some types of heart defects during pregnancy, which may bring serious risks to your health and also for the health of the baby.

The heart disease in pregnancy

The appearance of heart disease during pregnancy usually occurs between 1% to4% of pregnant women across the country, and generally affects moms who already suffer from some type of heart disease, whether diagnosed or not.

Among the diseases that can cause heart disease during pregnancy have rheumatic diseases, which are responsible for up to 50% of cases, followed by other diseases such as atrial fibrillation, infective endocarditis, pulmonary hypertension and thromboembolism antecedents.

In other cases it may happen the pregnant woman have a heart disease, which had never been diagnosed, but that due to increased blood flow during pregnancy ends up manifesting your symptoms during this period.

Heart disease in pregnancy 1

Congenital heart diseases can be detected still in fetal life.

Risks behind heart disease during pregnancy

Although the number of cases of heart disease during pregnancy is low, she ends up causing a lot of complications during the pregnancy, including fetal malformation, premature labor, the disruption of gestational bag ahead of time and the decrease of growth of the baby.

Already in more severe cases the heart ends up being the main cause of maternal mortality during the period of pregnancy, and so must be followed very closely by a multidisciplinary team in the prenatal period, which includes consultations with the obstetrician and also with the cardiologist, among others.

Heart disease in pregnancy 2

Care of the pregnant woman must have cardiac patients during pregnancy

As mentioned above, the prenatal monitoring with a multidisciplinary team is essential when the expectant mother is suffering from some heart disease, especially ifthis heart disease was already diagnosed before pregnancy.

In this period will be held various examinations in mom, like an EKG, Echocardiogram and fetal medicine exams, such as the fetal Echocardiogram, around the 20thweek of gestation, the fetal morphological examination and dopplerfluxometria.

Heart disease in pregnancy 3

Rheumatic fever is responsible for 80% of heart diseases found in pregnant women

Treatments of heart disease in pregnancy

In some cases it may be necessary that pregnant women need to be evaluated every week, or even stay in the hospital for a long period of gestation, mainly in cases of pregnancy. And in this period some medications can be prescribed to decreasesymptoms and risks in pregnancy.

Another treatment that can be done in rare cases heart surgery, which is currentlymade through catheters inserted into the femoral vein, and that through radiological guidance helps the surgeon in heart treatment, without the need for major surgery.

Delivery time to the right is the regular way, always with the use of adequate analgesia, as this reduces blood loss of more steeply than in a c-section.

And the most recommended for those who suffer from any type of heart disease is to conduct a planning in advance before you become pregnant, and the baby’s health and pregnant women will be much better during this period, and the prenatal follow-up will be directed in a way much better.

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