Haute Couture Beauty Brands

I must confess to you that when it comes to makeup and skin care am the person more picky on the planet and by vibe, turns out to be one of my thanks is to have extremely sensitive skin and delicate I mean that, if it rains in Mexico City and I fall a few drops I get a rash, or if I am exposed too long to the Sun leave me blisters and thus a much well parents; then the same happens to me with makeup and beauty treatments. Is why I made a selection of brands in beauty Haute Couture (mention that I have tried in my journey to avoid allergies) have high standards and products made with the finest ingredients and clear exorbitant prices, for all those or that we are pickys with our pielecita.

If Chanel Haute Couture collection, why not also a line of makeup and skin care, in 1924 launches its first collection of makeup, consisting of bars of powders for the face and lips. That same year, creates the “Société des parfums Chanel” in order to produce and sell perfumes and beauty products. My Favorites: the lipstick and powder compact!

Without a doubt Dior is my favorite brand in cosmetics and perfumes, each season collections and palettes of colors making it impossible that not to purchase something surprised me. Dior began with a line of lipsticks in 1953 with Rouge Dior name, followed by their first line of Nail Polish, because of the success of these products they released Dior Cosmetics in 1967 with the creation of a fine line that has remained to date. My Favorites: mask eyelashes DiorShow New Look, nail enamels, the palettes of 5 colors of shadows for eyes and of course my perfume J’adore.

Under the motto “Yves Saint Laurent gives a face to the woman he dresses” in 1978 YSL launches its La Beaute line dedicated to cosmetics that, since its establishment invites you to adventure, self discovery, the elegance of the makeup that enhances your unique beauty, and search transcend seduction through the makeup. My favorite: the magic Touche Éclat! With a little imperfections and odious dark circles disappear leaving your face with a light and natural freshness.

Guerlain is one of the few old houses, which began only dedicated to perfumes, as well as their fragrance market, since its foundation in 1828, has created over 300 fragrances! Today has a wide range of makeup and skincare in addition to spas boutiques, all with a culture of beauty that distinguishes them. For them, each fragrance, each product of makeup and skin treatment, is an opportunity to express emotions and create a sense of pleasure and desire that transcends the mere need and primary functionality. Do you think what is everything? It has always resorted to the best designers for their bottles, cases, powder compacts and lipstick that must combine functionality, beauty and distinction. My favorite: treatment the cure of their line Orchidée Impériale combines new technology of Orchid Golden with active ingredients to renew the skin in an incredible way, in a nutshell, leave you your skin as baby butt.

More than 30 years, La Prairie is a distinguished itself as the Olympus of the super top treatments, all in this brand is luxury, from packaging to which contains inside, each collection is based on ingredients luxury and rare, creating top formulas of land, offering multisensory experiences. Among the ingredients used are normal and white caviar infusions of gold, Platinum of the melted the Earth’s crust between exotic and simple things like the others. My favorite: Skin Caviar Liquid Lift, is impressive, the skin becomes glossy and silky shocking! Similar to your price, only $7,700 pesos who says I?.

Inspired by the benefits and healing powers of the sea La Mer uses powerful ingredients such as minerals malachite, lime tea extract, algae rich in nutrients, natural extracts, and the rarest, white algae. Its lines of treatment are the best I’ve tasted. My favorite: The regenerating serum, helps the natural skin renewal marine stem cell.

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