Happy Girls Are The Prettiest… Jeans And T-Shirt

The best ü40blog äh Fashionblog? This is not a question. That’s mine!!! Which one else? I do not make myself three times a week the trouble to me then behind to put…. Ne ne… I’ll let that stay nice.

I think it’s great that you see it all,  and so we can come to the really important things of life-my nostalgia week. So actually is week exaggerated-but due to the communion of my son I have somehow realized how big my kids have already become.

You Are The Middle Ages!

It is now also not that I the time, when the two were still small, totally after hear. These were really the most difficult years of my life and I think-looking back, I was not the born toddler… and still: How they are now so big and crying lovingly the following words in the morning to say goodbye: “No Ma, you are never the youth! You are the Middle Ages “Ähem-what? I guess something has gone wrong with the education. That’s what you get when you have such an emancipated man at home. I guess it will take time-for a few mediaeval methods in child rearing. After my semi-research, my kids are in Pueritia and, according to this work, learning in the Middle Ages was bound up with suffering and tears. I guess I’ll let the children take a look into the pamphlet… Tztztz… me and the Middle Ages… They’re never quite consoling!

Nostalgia 2.0

When they were small, there was no such thing. There I was the sky, the earth, the sun and I just knew EVERYTHING… EVERYTHING !!! No matter what question came so – my children were always satisfied with the answer and it was absolutely irrelevant whether it was correct. The mama, who is always right… finally I was the navel of the world, the middle of the universe, the most beautiful of the beautiful…. ahem…. Ok… there he was once again themegalomaniacs . But I just wanted to illustrate the feeling I was crying behind … That is why nostalgia week and almost like before, there were bananas, which had to leave and which I baked, as I used to do in muffins… after a recipe from Chefkoch-likewise as before, That’s nostalgia 2.0 Hach ja… somehow make taste and smell memories really still a bit more alive.

Best Ü40Blog And Happy Girls Are The Prettiest

But before I burst into tears now, I’d rather come to today’s outfit. According to my above  Assessment, I consider it today with the quote from Audrey Hepburn and my shirt from .redirected. Hand gestickt, is there to read: Happy Girls are the prettiest… A sensational motto for the best ü40Blog… O:-)    I now eat a few banana muffins, but fear, there are no more there-this is also like before and I wish you a wonderful and happy Sunday.

Shirt: .redirected via Lindner Fashion -really great shirt with great statements. 
Pants: Miss Sixty – steinalt and I am totally happy that she is still so dark blue. The label was quite a bit old before … but it is a bit old. I have not found really great pants from Miss Sixty – but at Zalando from Levis with Bootcut  (Affiliatelink) and in dark blue and bottoms also has great dark blue jeans and today still 15% discount. 
Shoes: Bugatti-from the Christmas voucher of my friend DAAANKE-but also Amazon has the sneaker (Affiliatelink) in three different versions. 
Jacket: 3suisses-as the French in local online fields. My bomber jacket is naturalmente nowhere more-but About you has one of Maison Scotch (Affiliatelink) in the assortment, which would be well suited to me… if there was not, of Zara, which I showed you in the last post. 
Belt: also ancient and without label 
Bag: Fila-also ancient 
Sunglasses: Carrera-last year and yes, dear Ursel-I still find it cool. In Urban Outfitters I found a nerd-glasses (Affiliatelink) with the blue and with green glasses of Ray-Ban (Affiliatelink)-but not the Aviator, therefore it is not quite as expensive.